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Overthinking? No problem!

AliceWApr 12, 2016, 7:40:05 AM
~Sometimes, I think my head is going to fall apart from countless thoughts, but when I take blank paper- everything stops. All that noise, problems, memories and hopes settle down in image of a blank paper in front of me. And they're waiting for me- look for me to start, to make a move, to say what I think about that! It's like they're fighting, united, against me, but they're marching for me! Challenge darkness to come outside. Challenge light to come in... But, all of that is just game of mind and words. We are, always, what we want to be, just at that moment. I'm happy and I'll always want to be...~
-Alice. (The Demons of Truth in our Lives)

We're aware of how emotions affect our behavior, perception, and health, and more importantly what kind of attitudes we've already built , views of life and the World around us... How much we can embrace and how much we know about our emotions which can really help us (HERE) and how they can't help us when we're talking about clearness of reality... Overthinking isn't like brainstorming at all, like many people think, because it makes us crazy, drives us into depression, anxiety, delusions etc. So we're talking about consciousness again! 


Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema was American professor of Psychology at Yale University. She was also researching how our moods can affect our possibility of anxiety and depressions, regulations of moods and one of her works is Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life. In many theories we can hear abour ruminators and they compare our overthinking like when cows or other animals ruminate food- constantly coming back to aspects and many causes of our problem, which is stressful and drives us into anxiety- like a disorder. When we're running in circle, negative emotions and moods can sneak in, make us absorb them  and we'll unconsciously make some attitude from them. It's very bad, we don't need that! So, consciously ... We embrace and breathe. Think clearly. See and hear clearly, Self and the World around us... And we win- if you're needed :)

Causes of overthinking are always somewhere in stressful situations from our past or in distant imaginary future- which one WON'T let go. And none of that we can change!  Healthy worry is super, it means we're enough mature and intelligent, ready (ovethinking target to be alert always, but we can't walk with an umbrella and wait for the rain...) We shouldn't be in that kind of worry, it's squeezing and suffocating, and it isn't any protection for us... Let yourself to breathe with 'open lungs' and really open-minded... Life and reality are what we are -here and now. Feel, think less and let the Life flow within you, with all its ups and downs. It's you! Be proud! Live healthy, there, love yourself, think about beautiful things, make a story to tell...

In 1911. they're talked about 'letting things go'... William James (American psychologist and philosophist) How can just that act of cutting things, emotionally, mentally, intelectually and practically - allows us simple flow of inspiration and solutions. And we did it, many times! We walked out, to rethink and to BREATHE. 

I write by brainstorming, but with creativity which is gift from Divine (creation), so much thinking ruins everything. We must know how to recieve and let things go.

CLOUDS of thoughts are good way to keep up with bad flow of thinking. especially if you're going to bed or you're working on something. It's a technique and kind of meditation. With a little imagination, which can really relax, you can correct your thoughts (and actions after), leaving them in the clouds and pushing them asking for a certain time some result or solution. All over leads on and on ...Climbing up through the clouds, ascending to the purity and relax. Let yourself be. Give yourself a break! If not, do something! WORK  is a medicine to ovethinking! Make your house clean or whatever! If you're going to bed in worry, you won't catch any sleep or rest. Remember, we all have countless nights we spent awake, but it's all just Life, but LIFE WHICH IS WORTH LIVING. Close your eyes, push your clouds (thoughts) or make them like sheeps crossing over fence and with that BLOOP you can make them go into the sky... One by one... Just relax... Play with your head, don't let it plays with you!  For every question- there's an answer, but it comes easily, not by force. Live your Life! 

Stay positive!