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Stay positive!

AliceWApr 11, 2016, 10:56:46 AM
All that is behind us, leave as such - let it rest in the past, which is past for a reason... All the fears and problems, all the pain, tears and the past hopes, with their intensity, let it rest. Don't wake them up, they won't do anything to you like that, gloomy and dark ... As clouds that were dragging rain and dumped it on us small under a huge blue sky, and then ran away and left the sun caresses the city. Our city. Cramped, curved wrinkles and blind, but a city full of Love for us, that we need only to catch and hide in ourselves that noone elicit it from chest !
-Alice. (The Demons of Truth in our Lives)

We can always hear 'Stay positive', 'Be positive' , even I always write that to you and you can say it's a bit of naive-  so innocently thinking. And, you know what? If you think so, you're absolutely right!

Being positive isn't about that what many says in one click on the internet, although affirmations really help our mood and emotions. However, we must remain aware of ourSelves always, so we won't depend too much of emotion. We are perfect and balanced Dance of the Universe, compressed into a temporary human body, and it should lead us in life.

TRUTH: Acceptance of Self is a way in which we embrace truth of Love; being part of the Universe, being Eternity and Truth, what we are right now, is the first step towards positive thinking. We should allow real understanding of everything; without lies and illusions, and without feeling of too much guilt for karmic circles if it procedures in a human life, that sooner we know it, embrace it and honor - we can allow milder way 'repayment of debt'.  People's lives are intertwined with lots of stuff, but will and striving for inner self, towards integration with the Whole, a man clearer knowledge of things and their meaning, without too much drama.

FREEDOM:  Stand in front of a mirror and respect Self, do it, whatever we are and whatever records we carry from the journey of our Soul,  is the second step that allows us to be positive. In the man was always existed some spite to behave like a saint, but never as a sinner; spite is the fear (primitive human emotion), and fear is a lie. A simple game of Mind, that in truth becomes a piece of cake. It's very simple. It is unnecessary to hide the weeds that is always growing, also we can't plant on it. Whether you are going to remove it by plucking day after day, or all at once, it's up to you - because Truth is always one. Sooner or later, we have to look face to face with Self and release everything that we see, if we want to remain free. Freedom is where our Spirit awakens, where we allow proper flow of Energy and vibration that we should also properly send in Universe.

GRATITUDE: Awareness of daily blessings that we are part of Eternity, and the feeling that we become Eternity is gratitude. Acceptance and release,  free flow of Energy in the life cycle, provides detection of a very different World in and around us. What man is always missing is actually feeling of completeness, which is impossible to achieve without gratitude to all the traveled roads and feelings during life, in every moment - no matter how good or bad for our ego it was.  Ego can be inspired by the material, that's why it isn't able to raise to the higher levels ... But we are. As Spirit and Soul, light and darkness, in the incredible Universal harmony.

EMPATHY:  Consciousness and freedom allows opening paths of Self-realization, and the World around us in a slightly different areas and deepened feelings. . Many sympathized with this or that, but empathy is something else. The ability to receive energy of another being truly is in everyday life a little disadvantage, because usually we can not choose every stimulus that we get in the way, as for example. like we send vibrations which we know we are returning and similar. But, with such vibrations can be alleviated, allowing Self easier 'processing' and releasing out (breathin) in freedom with gratitude, any such our experience. Empathy is the way to positive thinking, because with the understanding we provide our material body indescribable feeling of a stronger influence, we blossom in gratitude on possibilities, according to the understanding of ourselves and others and the World around us - which will be also a slight attitudinal changes in a little nicer and much simpler.



Being positive is a way we keep up with these times, with what we live and what we are in every moment. That is acceptance of good in gratitude, but also understanding of bad, and shaping view of the World. Being positive is not an illusion or hiding, pushing only good things 'under the nose'; It is a willingness (awareness) and openness to all that life offers, the joy in feeling, integrity and blessedness of all our experiences. No experience shapes us, but our attitude towards it; what we learn and how we use it. To do it well, for benefit of our development and Self-realization, is to be positive.