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Light into the Consciousness

AliceWApr 9, 2016, 1:42:09 PM

We are all part of this World, who works for us as much as we sleep and how awake we are. (?) And, more and more we are! Our actions become associated, in time that passes and in space in which we are limited and driven by the Energy that moves us in this World. Therefore shake up  the World once, not with bombs, but by size of Knowledge, Love and Light that we're finally ready to feel, live and transmit.

Let's go back again a little more on the psychology ... (It is necessary that we're educated- at least in dashes that concern us,  just in the relationship between science-spirituality, conscious-unconscious, material- absolute.) Post empirical knowledge is defined by Thomas Samuel Kuhn and they're continue to research all aspect of our life, big revolution in observing including that scientist can't operate in the old paradigm after having been converted to a completely different way of conceptualizing the world through the new paradigm. (Gestalt- swich)

In our brainstem is the reticular formation that is necessary for the vigilance of the organism and the appearance of our individual consciousness, what sets us apart as individuals or Existence, as a person. It's at this moment, so we have to be willing to let go of everything we know and breathe in new without prejudices and stereotypes that distort perception and create illusions, because consciousness is what we are and what we think we are- now. All, in and out, in harmony and unity.

The objective and spiritual reality are opposite. Hypothetical boundary between absolute and relative (material) world is the spiritual world. Everything that we carry in ourselves and what we are, is only part of the Absolute that surrounds us and penetrates us. The path of self-realization is always individual and explained in the simplest pathways of Mind and Heart. Programs of Mind through knowledge and attitudes have influence on our self-realization. A positive attitude is the basis of evolutionary maturity of whole being (physical, mental and spiritual aspect); body and space in which i is realized life of the Soul and which can reflect the Universal consciousness through transcendent synthesis of the conscious and unconscious, allowing the transfer from one attitude to another. Open-mindedness, its release and acceptance; its guidance in order to entire experience of life as it is- is our consciousness. Focusing Mind and Soul (Kundalini) is our Spirit that exceeding  into the Absolute.

Heart program is Love and without it we wouldn't have access to the Truth through the Light.

Ok, now, let's free our ID (because of the instinct and the material world), EGO (because of logic) and our Super-Ego to balance into apsolute NOTHING. In our case of travel toward Light (Love, Peace and Divine) we should understand Jung, Maslow and Rogers- and he has contributed greatly to the knowledge of personality. According to Jung, Freud is in accordance with the mechanical and materialistic paradigm and its "hydraulic" model of the psyche actually imposed a partial interpretation of life-growth as a universal-or, reaching halfway, he thought that he crossed all the path. According to Rogers theory, one obtains the optimal development when he can reveal its posibilities. Unlike Freud, explains that man has no destructive instinct, but striving for natural growth to full affirmation. We are particularly interested in the fact that Rogers has developed a special therapeutic technique - non-directive therapy. The therapist is in the process of focusing on the current situation and offers encouragement to the patient in the understanding of the situation. In this way, the therapist gains confidence, and the patient is helped to raise its consciousness alone, solving problems. In a similar way we can work with questions of logic, desires and expectations - which develops our mind saddling the physical limitations. In order to achieve peace, our Spirit (Energy Soul) is purified to a level of Truth (Light) through Love that lifts us above the primitivism and provides the possibility of spiritual realization of life reality. 

As body, as Soul we are

 we create a storm, tides,

in an endless sea of ourselves

and our Emotion.

And your Light and your Dark

always wear proudly;

sail into the abyss of matter and energy

which permeates us and pushes on ...

Only the Soul is eternal,

 love it with all Heart -

little is needed for happiness,

just a little still missing

those who truly

does not want to afford it!

Prayer and Desire

have the power,

but Will we need

from ourselves

squeeze in the world.