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Emotions embraced for our benefit

AliceWApr 9, 2016, 6:23:56 AM
'Insecurity, fear, regret are coming from mistakes we done long time ago, or from mistakes done by others that we had to suffer from... When people think they have no escape and they can't keep doing that etc. It's not bad to change all of that, even for the worst, change is always good, but we should know that we can't run from our problems- that's rude to yourself! Beside that, everyone can do it...'  -Alice. (The Demons of Truth in our Lives)

Modern World bothers me, don't take this as my frustration or projection on you... But, you should, as a Man, be offended by the way most of the World is living! Of course, every thing, happening, Emotion... are in duality, so are we. Machines helps us in our way of living, but 'turning off' a Man is just more and more ... (Smartphones... just look there, nowhere else... don't look at the skies, look at the smartphone...!) I would like to talk about our Emotions, which are provided by this way of living today. Are they growing or not?


How many questions did you ask yourself today? Any questions? Do you do that at all? Is every day of yours the same or you want to explore and meet new things, people and Self again? What's preventing you? How much  will you have for Life when you get up in the morning? Or in the noon? Do you know what is cause of that Emotions and behaviors? How sure are you about them and how safe are you  from them?

I'm sure that everyone is responsible for their Emotions. Stimulus from outside are nervous impulse that came out like a reaction. Our Emotions are mental processes and states which are depending on functionality  of our body, especially on the autonomic nervous system,  endocrine glands, brain cortex and hypothalamus. What we feel (see, hear, ..)is making our perception which provide us to see the whole picture of our environment.

The way we feel depends on our mood which can be operated... (changed by some mind tricks or so..) Therefore we have affects and passions... And Darwin interpreted them as necessary for our survival and evolution. They're making our thoughts and motives, and we're making actions. We should realize that every bad and good day are just days, and we shouldn't be so serious about them and Emotions they caused.  Remember, every time we feel- we grow. We can't organise our feels, but we can understand them and our perception on this World. That's way we have to know Self and breathe. Intensive Emotions can cause bad psychic abilities and functions. That's way this generation is stupid (I'm sorry) and in a total depression and anxiety...  

Everything you think it's yours- EMBRACE! Let yourself to know, to believe in good things and always want to feel Love. Be grateful , in gratitude we support ourselves  to grow....

'I'm happy, even if I don't want to be sometimes........ I'll hurt myself only with ingratitude, and for that I am incapable.' -Alice.