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Cop sexually assaults woman in courtroom, then arrests her

Alternative World News NetworkMar 29, 2016, 10:02:32 AM


This sounds like it was made up but, unfortunately, it actually happened.

Monica Contreras, 28, was attending a divorce hearing when she was suddenly asked by court Marshal Ron Fox to step into a private room for an unprovoked drug search.

Once they returned, she was hysterical, pleading with the judge that the marshal had just felt her up and asked her to lift her shirt.  The marshal denies it and the judge ignores it.  This is insidious.

Since the video went viral in 2013, an investigation was launched and both Hearing Master Patricia Doninger and Marshal Ron Fox have been fired.

Contreras was awarded $200,000 in a lawsuit filed by the federal government and Nevada state government against the court.  Another marshal, James Kenyon, was also fired as a result of the investigation.