Hadoop To See A New High By 2019

ethanmillar Mar 25 2016

Hadoop and data warehousing indeed goes hand in hand, but it is possible for Hadoop to completely replace data warehousing in the coming future. Indeed it’s a big question and only time would tell.

However when we talk about both Hadoop and data warehousing it is estimated that Hadoop market is set to surge by more than 53% by the end of the decade according to a new research by CAGR.

The study bases it finding on several reason. Nobody can deny the fact that Hadoop is the talk of the town and will some replace data warehousing to a very large extent. One of the prime most reasons for this is large amount of data by business and service providers which has virtually led to an explosion. This gives rise to a demand for some cost effective solution which is not only handy but is also long lasting.

There has been a big worry, after the finding of the research which portrays that be then end of 2019 the Hadoop technology is bond to display a huge, marketshare. With such a mind blowing growth, it is very important to have enough skilled and endowed technical specialists. Companies have started to realise the need of uplifting its recruitment in regards to Hadoop, but are still quite slow as regards to the coming demand.

If one is to rely on the study then the market is bound to on look a plodding swing towards other mediums such as Service (SaaS)-based Hadoop development solutions as it is more cost effective and easier to implement. Of course everybody is looking for cost effective and easy to use technology. The market today is very volatile and a change is imperative at all times.

The big question is how it all works. As regards Hadoop platform, it is quite straightforward. In layman’s term it simply gathers data from numerous sources such as clients, customers, social media platforms and stores in its data warehouse, where it gradually starts sorting and matching.

However in technical terminology it might sound quite complex where the inputs are mapped and various nodes are prepared with the help of legacy systems, XML files and various advanced technologies such as CRM, ERP, SCM, SaaS-based applications files.

Thereafter it is digitalized and sends though emails and web based applicators. Once this is finished then similar calculation is performed by these work nodes to produce pertinent yield for enquiries. The outcomes are composed from the nodes to produce decisive facts for decision-making resolutions.

Many are in doubt as to the result of the research as, as of today there are very few organizations which are exclusively making use of Hadoop technology. However with an increase of use of Hadoop development in the BFSI and manufacturing sector may bring about a sudden boost in the technology.

Hadoop technology is currently being widely used in the best predominantly in USA as it guarantees a safer environment for businesses looking for cloud technology which is not only easy on the pocket but also provides secure environment to work on.