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NASA hydroponic garden wheel saves energy and grows huge amounts of greens at home

Alternative World News NetworkFeb 2, 2016, 4:52:22 PM

This fresh, new hydroponic garden is actually a take on a NASA design that has been remade for people to use at home.

Originally used by astronauts to grow plants for long space-flights, the Green Wheel has been redesigned (mostly aesthetically) for modern, every day household use.  The company behind the wheel, DesignLibero explains how the mechanism uses a central LED that affects all the plants evenly.  This saves electricity, rather than using multiple lights.

For the size of the mechanism, it boasts a large growing area, maximizing surface space for plants to thrive.  The outer case contains a rotary engine that rotates the vegetation and supplies water throughout the system.  Holding the plants and their roots in place is a coco-fiber mesh inside the perforated wheel.

In addition to the sleek design, the entire device can be controlled by smart phone or tablet, allowing the owner to monitor water levels and change the light and temperature levels.

Designer Libero Rutilo suggests it is  “an iconic garden object for residential use, like a TV."  Ideally, having small mechanisms to grow large amounts of vegetables is truly awesome.