BREAKING NEWS: Explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Bryce Sep 25 2012

Obama Press Release   Bomb squad Drills moments before the blasts?  More Images of the Damages


Update [5:46 PM EST]  "explosion" at JFK library ruled a Mechanical room fire, and not related to the Boston Marathon explosions.  The 2 explosions however have been ruled "Terrorist Attacks" though no party has claimed responsibilty.


Obama will be making an official statement at 6:10 PM EST


Update [5:10 PM EST]  Third explosion at JFK library, connections to marathon blasts remain skeptical at best.  total event casualities : 2 fatalities and at least 100 wounded reported by Boston Globe, some critically so.

Counter-terror groups patrolling all Major US cities, situation still considered un-contained

Commissioner Ed Davis claims a 3rd controlled blast has been detonated by a bomb squad.  All loose parcels and bags in the area are being search as suspicious containers.


Update [4:41 PM EST]  NY Post claims 12 dead, 50 injured, though these numbers have not surfaced anywhere else thus far.

"A federal law-enforcement source confirmed to The Post there are at least 12 dead and nearly 50 injured. Fox News reported that Massachusetts General Hospital was treating 10 people with amputated limbs and all operating rooms were on hold.

Authorities have identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds."

full article here:



Boston Press Release coming soon.

Live stream

Boston Marathon Finish Line



Update [ 4:24 PM EST]  2 additonal explosive devices have been located at other Boston Landmarks by Counter-Terror teams


Update [4:16 PM EST] at least 2 fatalities, possible third being discussed, 28 injured.


footage of one of the blasts:


Update [ 4:05 PM EST]  2 fatalities reported.  22 injured

Though there is still a scramble to sort out details, many are suggesting this is an attack as opposed to a steam pipe bursting.  Joe Biden dubs it a "Bombing" in his initial statement, though nothing can be confirmed at this time


Update [4:00 PM EST] :  New York Steps up all Securities as details begin to surface suggesting this was from explosive devices as opposed to faulty steam lines or other natural causes.  

At least 19 injured.  Details still unclear as to what caused them.  Cell Communication in Boston has dropped off perhaps from system overload.  Calls and texts have hard time getting out.

Rumors of additonal devices surfacing.


News channel 7 Live Stream

Boston EMS Livestream

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Explosions near finish line at Boston Marathon, multiple injuries reported

Published time: April 15, 2013 19:34 image from @Boston_to_a_T

Two explosions have been reported in Boston, Massachusetts where thousands of runners are participating in the annual Boston Marathon.

Preliminary reports suggest two explosions occurred near the finish line of the 26.2-mile event shortly before 3 pm local time, and the Boston Globe is reporting “at least dozens of people” suffering injuries at the scene.

Law enforcement officials speaking to Fox News say that three victims have been reportedly killed in the explosions, although the Boston Police Department has yet to confirm this allegation.


image from @GlobeDavidLRyan


The Boston Marathon’s headquarters have reportedly put on locked down while authorities investigate the incident.

Eyewitnesses say smoke filled the streets of the city after a first explosion, and seconds later another loud boom was heard.


image from @EvilMikeTomlin


“I saw two explosions. The first one was beyond the finish line. I heard a loud bang and I saw smoke rising,” Boston Herald reporter Chris Cassidy says from the scene. “I kept running and I heard behind me a loud bang. It looked like it was in a trash can or something.”

“There are people who have been hit with debris, people with bloody foreheads,” he says.

Witness Andrea Storer adds to the Globe, “It was huge. There had to be people killed. There had to be.”

"Blood everywhere,” another witness tells the paper.

The event has been put on hold and paramedics are quickly trying to assess the situation.

Earlier in the afternoon, 23-year-old Ethiopian runner Lelisa Desisa came in first-place by completing the run in 2 hours, 10 minutes and 22 seconds. At the time of the explosions, though, hundreds of runners were still racing for the finish line.

Organizers call the event the "world's oldest annual marathon and one of the world's most prestigious road races.”