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Simple “but twisted” Minds.

Fabooka-De-StaitJul 30, 2015, 2:04:35 PM

I will just have to put a few pieces of spurious information at the top of this piece so as to prevent anything being displayed on Facebook, apart from a link, because we all know how much the things involved do not like to have the truth about them and their nature getting out. So, hopefully this will be enough.


Contrary to what the gullible, easily misled and deranged, bi-polar midget, Jimmy Jones, would like us all to believe about the darker corners of the internet, being full of people who are against him as a result of his blatantly supporting the MSM and many other versions of the official narrative by way of mocking victims all over the worldwide web. I would suggest the real darker corners are where he goes posting comments with other people's names attached so as he can use them at a later date to try and make them look as obscene as himself and his very sadistic friend, Jane Russell.

All of the history on display from the OUTLAW, shows to be a warped and diffuse, disturbing trail of false accusations, malicious insinuations and very self-centred protestations that he is the victim, because he is on some 'Quest' for good that people want to derail. Personally, I would suggest that three years of his gang-stalking, decrying of vulnerable people and seedy abuse, both directly and indirectly, have more than alerted many individuals and groups to the very sinister environment that lurks beneath the outwardly presented face of innocence and sanctuary of THE OUTLAW and its affiliates.

Luckily, we are all well aware of the purpose of the MSM. To be fair, I don't really think a very elementary appraisal of its uses, thrown in to act as some padding in a piece that is once more designed to malign and incriminate those who are onto the easily observable actions of Jones and his band of cronies serves any purpose at all, apart from allowing them to think it helps to disguise their true objectives, albeit in the usual weak and juvenile manner that does not really fool anyone with the exception of themselves.

Without a doubt, Jones is the sick man of the Alternative Media, in that for so long, he has been failing to establish any real credibility due to the abundance of plagiarized and far from cutting-edge or anti-establishment material. This is a contributing factor with regards to his many behind the scenes - and what he would like to see as covert, abuses of many others who have placed themselves within this arena. It is quite apparent how over the last few years he has become intertwined with many he now attempts to attack, as he seeks to dismiss them as 'Troofers' whilst still wanting to be taken seriously, himself - oh, the irony.

He has also during this time, attempted to place himself in the midst of many genuine causes relating to those who have suffered Childhood Sexual Abuse, largely in order to garner as much information about the nature of the topic as possible, so that he can then falsely present himself as highly knowledgeable and experienced on the subject. Once more, it is clear for all to see, that he and his band of very sickly sycophants have used vile and very underhanded tactics in a vain attempt to silence those unfortunate enough to have been in such a position in their youth. Thus, he is an attention seeking fantasist who uses other people's genuine experiences to embellish his own outlandish claims as he seeks to promote his attributes as being compassionate and able enough to drive the cause into gaining the recognition it deserves. Sadly, he is not really interested in any real victims or what they have had to endure, as he simply wants to be the one in the limelight.

Quite why the man tries to blame the A.M. in the same breath as reiterating common-knowledge instances of MSM propaganda and abuses is beyond me. One can only conclude that he is presenting long-established and very well known cases for the benefit of the uninitiated so as to cajole them into believing he may side against authority. The reality is that he is simply using examples that are now so open because of intense scrutiny, that the establishment has no option but to turn in on itself and concede to the truth about a large catalogue of institutionalized abuse on many levels. Jones is offering nothing new here, and actually looks as though he is buffering for tptb in a similar manner to the MSM itself through the actions of throwing out stale remnants and artefacts from the 1970s and 1980s so as to make everyone else think they are serious about uncovering the types of abuse that are actually still very much alive to this day.

Jones is more than contradictory, as is usually the case with those who possess a deceit based mentality. This can be seen whereby he tries to endorse huge waves of revulsion at the system, because they are simply too big for him to tackle without putting his little head a bit high above the parapet, and then getting it knocked off. An example of this, would be that of appearing to support Brenda Leyland, by way of suggesting she was merely expressing her own doubts concerning the McCann case. Yes Jimmy, she was doing something we all should be entitled to do in respect to any dubious issue. Pity you do not feel the same about other people who go far more in depth on possible conspiracies than you did on the one that you feel you are so close to, simply because it revolves around the history of the confederate flag, in that you feel drawn to such a romantic notion due to your internal fantasies.

Nor should you or your horrible co-conspirator Jane (Fake Name) Russell, be attempting to decry the likes of Maggie Tuttle, when she has been seen to help the likes of the family of little Jonas, through a very emotional and disturbing time, simply to try and enhance your own analytical failings. Your combined cowardice and psychopathic tendencies really do come to the forefront on such occasions and do a very good job of illuminating the very sick, pathological traits that are consistently displayed by both you and Jane - that is to say, if you are actually separate people. As such, you have no shame, nor compassion, as is evidenced again and again by your total lack of empathy for very real and very personal cases of suffering. Therefore, you attempt to whitewash by way of loosely presented and very shallow generalizations, in order to stake your non-existent claims for being seen to do good. One instance of yours and Jane's abuse in such circumstances is one too many, and should set anyone's alarm bells ringing with respect to the nature of your true desires.

Yes Jimmy, you slip in about the MSM being paragons of virtue compared to those in the A.M. as long as once again, you do not fail to include yourself and Jane's very malignant infestation of that sphere.

Use your own very limited knowledge of any subject to once more, collapse in your attempts at self-justification, all you like. Nobody is in any doubt that the methods you allude to as you take pages directly from the likes of McAlpine, as you feign wounding, are anything other than what you have been caught doing many, many times to others. Indeed, I have seen with my own eyes, many false comments from you, Jane and numerous others you are in cahoots with or make up, so as to cause distress and alarm. In fact, I have also witnessed you very recently attempt to besmirch and create difficulties for the Spivey family and Darren Laverty's wife; a woman with no say or connection to anything that may have transpired between the likes of us lot who are right on top of you and your bile. You gloat about both instances on a regular basis, as does Jane. Not too bothered about little children being involved there, are you!!!!

By contrast to your weird and not so wonderful accusations, it is you and your very vicious, little group, who are small and venomous. There are actually a lot of people who do not like you, and rightly so, due to you being continually caught out. None of the people I am aware of, or especially those that I associate with have said anything detrimental to anyone who claims to be a victim of child abuse, with the exception of yourself. So, let us not further misconstrue the reality of this situation so as to once more align it in a favourable light with that of your own distracted and delusion based ideals. Unless of course you are claiming that these people such as myself or those that I know and class as friends are guilty of doing so - which they are most definitely not.

Who cares if I posted a comment about you from Danielle La Verite?

I personally have more than enough proof you and Jane are very disturbed and will not hesitate to lie and manufacture a whole web of deceit in order to allow you to feel vindicated in your heinous accusing and abuse of others. Indeed, I now know for a fact, that Jane and yourself are capable of the most extreme and actually criminal acts as you perform them on not only your obscure blog, but also across a wide range of web-based platforms.

Yes, I have all the evidence I need to show any person or entity who is not as limited in mental ability as yourselves, that both of you will take direct statements to other named individuals and then somehow attempt to present them to the world as though they were directed at you personally. How can this be, Mr. Jones? Given you and Jane have now shown you actually did have access to the content that was graphically presented and obviously nothing to do with you?

The only conclusion any logical person could come to would be that in admitting you are Shillby, you slipped up again at a later date as a result of poor memory and intelligence and let it be known that there was an interaction between you and myself which was in private because you were contacting me with threats of death and even stated that you had been in prison for murder. In addition to this, you also let me know that when I heard the sound of my front door coming in, I would know it would be you and your mates. To be honest, that sounds like a very serious and sinister threat to me, which really was worthy of the response it obtained.

Oh, but wait a minute Mr. Jones....you and Jane are now crying that you are not Shillby, are you? Hmm!!!! I mean, let us get it right out there, that Jane, the warped psychopath and pathological liar has told me she only said those things because I am meant to have said something to Shillby about you. Ah, I see….so the two of you conspire to tell lies, make criminal accusations based on falsehoods and defence of a very dangerous internet troll called Shillby, against myself, because you pair happen to like him and think what he does is funny. Am I right on this, am I? Oh dear, Mr. Jones, that does not do much for your credibility or desire to be seen as truthful and trustworthy, at all. Does it? And there you were posting it all over your blog, that what you and Jane can be provably known to relate to Shillby, applied to yourself. Dear, oh dear!!!!

Furthermore, the very unstable Jane and even more unstable you, are both guilty of classing retaliatory threats to yourself as being sexual in intent. Tell me, how can people such as yourselves, claim to be voices for the victims of CSA or any other type of abuse, if you manipulate such statements so as to create a victim based defence for yourself? This is all the more worrying when you take into consideration that Jane happens to think that Shillby is just some guy who makes funny videos accusing people of being paedophiles, paedophile protectors and worthy of an assault, even if they are single women with children. Do you not have a problem being seen to side with such individuals, Mr. Jones? Then to side with them so much so, that you would use their attacks on others and the subsequent responses in some weirdly mangled mess of self-defence - do you find this normal? Please enlighten me.

Am I also the delightfully named, fuck the state, am I? Wow, you sound nearly as prim and proper as Eddie Boyce likes to sound when you and him are not joking about soliciting murder on Facebook. Are the KFM and their pseudo-pretentious sensibilities rubbing off on you, are they? Are you looking to become middle-class in your fight against the establishment?

You really are thick, Jones, and nobody can doubt it for one minute. Let you and your cohorts wonder if Chris and myself are the same person all they like. I have seen us online quite a few times at the same time on Facebook. Your pathetic little brains are so denuded that you are only admitting to your acute inability to analyze any topic with a degree of accuracy.

I am also aware you have been informed getting fucked is a threat pertaining to male rape have you? Reliably informed by Jane, the lying, abusive, equally anonymous entity who creates at least 50% of your mess on the internet? Yes, if you think that is reliably informed, I can't believe your audacity in making very ridiculous video presentations about the likes of the Hampstead scandal or how they can be validated by yourself or anyone else. We know they can't, as you are just abusing again, aren't you, in order to make yourself feel important. That is a big gamble where the safety and security of children is at stake. Saying that, I suppose you think it is ok because your main aim is to discredit the likes of McNeill and McKenzie, and someone such as you or Jane would not let kids get in the way of that, would you?

Once again, Jones, you make it very clear that you do scour the internet looking for information about others. In this particular case you even go so far as to obtain something that relates to a Fabooka, but not Fabooka De Stait. Yeah, I believe you when you say you have not looked that hard, I really do - sick boy. You keep dreaming and trying to kid us all as you go.

I think your posting of comments that are meant to be from myself which refer to "we" are coming to get you or to doing things in front of children are simply you, crapping your pants and crying wolf, as usual. To be honest, you are so under pressure, your world is falling apart, and I have made it quite clear that I would never mention anyone's children in such a manner. So, once again, you keep creating a shit-storm of lies to draw attention to yourself as the victim - sick boy.

Also, let it be noted, that I have passed comment on very few aspects of child abuse and am nowhere near an expert on either the subject or those who have been victims, and neither are most of the people who comment on the Chris Spivey website or Facebook page. You see, although there are undoubtedly a fair few of those who do comment with a large amount of knowledge, it is you who is attempting to tarnish the whole cause by failing to link it in to those who have uncovered your insidious abuse of others. Why would that be? Are you attempting to make out that everyone who is trying to do good on this issue is bad, apart from you and psychopathic Jane? I doubt you will be very successful. Perhaps, you are even trying to discredit those who have been far more active and successful in the field than your pal, the very poorly known, Sonia Poulton? Yes, I can see that doing that on her behalf may seek to secure her an avenue into the MSM on a regular basis that she so desires. Hopefully, you and the likes of Cahil can get her to be a bit more assertive if she is ever in the position of confronting the likes of Nick Clegg or someone in a similar position in future, rather than protecting them from an ensuing melee by purposefully taking the conversation away from the most important issues. Hey!!!

Now, let us get a grip on your hysteria with regards to Chris Spivey. I disagree with more than enough aspects of what he presents, especially in detail or respect to the likes of the facial comparisons. That being said; on the whole, I can see where he is coming from with ease on 90% of his articles, and even what I do not agree with, I can usually see it as serving a purpose or rattling a few cages. Is that something you do not like about him, is it? Oh, and far from people congregating about the issue of child abuse, I think you will find both Chris, and myself have done more than enough pieces based on current affairs. Another totally irrelevant point of yours is thus easily dispatched, without further need to elaborate. Not doing very well, are you!!!

Let's all face it, Mr. Jones, the people you are now attempting to call bullies such as myself, are simply the most efficient ones you have ever come across in dismantling the whole gamut of bullshit you and your friends like to palm off on others. Then when you get an attack back, and we do not simply fade away, like MADLANDS or certain others, you and Janey Waney have a hissy fit of tears and upset so as to try and convince people we are the ones abusing you, when nothing could be further from the truth. I know you are in your death throes in the online world - and the truth is you have been finished for a year since you picked a fight with me. I have destroyed you at every juncture and will continue to do so, in that you nor Jane are anything to be feared or looked up to by anyone in any position. You have had it; nullified and cast into the abyss is where you are, and nothing is going to stop all but twenty people at most, from acknowledging that fact. You are the heathens of the voice of opposition or the voice for good. Nothing more than a traitor and very poor usurper who has been stopped in his tracks and does not like it one little bit. Seek your coalition with Boyce and the KFM all you want, and the pathetic Steve Keys. None of you can handle the truth from the likes of myself and that is why you go running to the likes of Facebook when you are called out!!! You people can't call anyone out and that is why you are simply left to get on with chatting shit - because you are less than useless. Believe me, the only ones who are not aware of it are those I am alluding to.

Once again, it can be seen, that you are accusing people when having nothing more than a laugh as being very sinister. How the hell can you try and equate this, and yet decry people who have really been abused? Do you not see the duplicitous nature of your statements and subsequently their easy to dismiss conclusions? I can only assume that you don't, or else you would not carry on being so stupid and making it clear for all to see that you are nothing more than an intellectual lightweight, as is Jane. However, as I have stated in the past, you are all somewhat criminally intelligent, but luckily it will do you no good in the current environment. So, keep calling people for having a bit of a joke in adversity whilst ignoring kids who could be telling the truth, not to mention many others in the past who were undoubtedly telling the truth, as you try to assume the role of divine CSA spokesman on behalf of your Sonia. It really will fail to materialize no matter what you try and do. I will see to that: mark my words.

Carry on supporting the corrupt police, the corrupt politicians who you said were ok on your radio meltdown and the likes of Savile and Sutcliffe who you personally tried to convince me were not as bad as everyone said. Did you really do that? Wow, I can't believe it, and yet you call others for having a laugh!!!! Hmm!!! Something very, very out of balance if you ask me. Have you told your doctor about these beliefs, Mr. Jones?

Yes, get to the crux of it Mr. Jones. You waffle on about taking the MSM over the likes of the A.M. all you want, as that is your ultimate goal isn't it - to try and discredit it so RED SONIA can be seen as the leading lady and you as the barnacle attached to her saggy ass as you both seek to dominate the voice of free reason. Ain't gonna happen, Midget Man, not if I have anything to do with it, and I am quite confident of nailing you all to the wall, combined. That is why you fear me enough to send false threats to your own shitty blog.

You are attempting to create a bridge between the MSM and the A.M. so that people accept the watering down of the right to free speech and as such enable you to close off any niche for the likes of yourself and RED SONIA to inhabit. So, what if the MSM has a very wide audience? That has always been the case from before the A.M. came into existence online. Everyone is aware of it and that is why it is a constant battle. What the fuck are you trying to attain by way of making them out as objective in most instances? Do you want more ridicule thrust upon you? You are going about it the right way if you do, so once again, don't moan, you sneaky little man.

You also state that the small number in the A.M. who happen to be entirely trustworthy all just happen to be your friends do they? LOL. The ones who don't like the truth and so blow other people up to the authorities so as to remove their voice because they got well and truly "OUTED" Hmm!!!

No, ulterior motives with your statement there then, is there? Another LOL.

Yes, I noticed you, THE OUTLAW, had built up a strong working relationship with the likes of the KFM over many months too. Most of it came to my attention via an extremely alarming and concerted effort to decry and abuse everyone else involved. Eddie Boyce and Deborah Williams are as equally despicable as you and Jane, along with their abusive little pal, Simkins, as they assume numerous online personalities and then have the nerve to endorse them but then try to distance themselves from the actions of their own friends so as to not implicate their rancid and very limited-appeal, organization.

They are the ones who did the besieging, as did you, and none of you like certain people shoving it right back up you with an equal amount of vigour. Do us a favour Jones, stop talking so much crap for once and learn to actually look at your own untenable position before acting innocent. You are too busy being vile to get a good grip on anything apart from snippets of information and stories and as a result of this your reach is nonexistent, that is why you need your amalgamation in the first place. I tell more truth in five minutes than all of you do in a day. You all have an agenda to cripple others so as to try and make yourselves look better than you really are. The likes of myself on the other hand have never gone around contacting people in private to threaten or felt the need to make rather disgusting and abusive videos about them so as to try and show them in a bad light. I simply do not need to, as I can out-argue the likes of you lot any day of the week, whilst still getting my point across in a number of ways and interacting with like-minded people. You can't do this, and that is why you only post on average an article per week, at best, that like you said only gets around 15 genuine comments - most of them being from your Neo-Nazi pals, or idiots like Dickie and Old Git - and they are just no-marks, like you.

Yes, go on, allude to your friends in the MSM who are not actually in the MSM or the A.M. Just spit it out, Midget!!! You think you are special and that RED SONIA is going to obtain confirmation of that for you. Once again, it ain't going to happen. So, don't elaborate, because you can't. You do realise you are only talking to about ten people on your site, don't you, and that it is you who is obsessed with stats and numbers because yours are so laughable?

I have realised over the last couple of days just how in the gutter you really are; along with all of your pals like Keys, Cahil, Boyce, Williams and Poulton. None of you have any weight and all have been demonstrated as trying to bend what is the truth to suit your own malicious agenda. It is most fortuitous that you have all failed and will continue to do so, because quite frankly, as a bunch of liars you will always trip up and the likes of myself will be there to point it out for all concerned.

If you think you and Jane and the others you mention have been subject to an unnecessary level of abuse; that is only because your psychopathic nature prevents you from admitting or caring about the consequences of your actions - and that in itself is tough shit.

I am no rapist, or a person who threatens rape - just because I said I would smack you over your threats to me - got it!!! So, keep twisting and contorting your stories so as they are a reflection of your minds and personalities for evermore, for all I care; you disgusting little hypocrite, just like all of those you mention.

I would not trust you or your kind with the likes of a tiny tears doll, let alone a real child OK.. There you go, straight from the horses mouth, because I have seen for myself how willing and easily you subvert any actions or suggestions from others so as to put a very worrying sexual slant on them. That simply is not right, and as such, the only input any of you have regarding protecting survivors is in your mind. And God help those who are foolish enough to think you are genuine, because I am a very truthful person and I have seen you all guilty of terrible actions as you try and fool all concerned that you are wronged without justification.

You are without a shadow of a doubt, a manipulative and most dangerous, natural born liar, just like Jane. Go on, go and get your friends to analyze anything I have ever written and attempt to pick fault with it, just like you do when stalking and trying to make things up. Good luck.

Carry on with your couple of pictures that once again fail to enhance anything you try to say, and only serve to feed that wild and voracious ego of yours with the false belief that you are a righteous and moral man, as that truly is the ultimate example of delusion in anyone’s mind.  

Addendum: Don't cry about whether or not other people mention you and your exploits on a regular basis, Mr. Jones, as it is clear for all to see, that almost every very poor article you present has the vast majority of its comments directed at the Chris Spivey site. Your hypocrisy is outstanding, to say the least. Your name only ever really gets mentioned as a response to the many nasty deeds you carry out, and hope that you get away with, which more often than not, you don't.

Everyone knows I am known as fuck the state, or Fabooka De Stait on Facebook, which as I told your horrible partner in crime, is simply back slang for fuck the state, as I doubt they would have allowed me to put that on. You really do have a desire to seem intelligent, don't you. You read very deeply into things that are not actually there, because you are the one who wants to feel special and that there is some magical conspiracy against you. The truth is far less interesting, I am afraid to say.

Furthermore, let it be said that you have never called anyone out, least of all the likes of Chris Spivey. Many of us are aware that you tried to infiltrate his site over a prolonged period of time by using multiple aliases, getting your tech pal involved and even almost getting really deep by getting one of your fake accounts to be taken in as another moderator whilst you were also one under your own name. So, please do not lie anymore than you already have done. You are an abuser of women, and you have attempted to befriend their children on Facebook under several false names, but mostly Shillby Shill. There is no doubting Shillby did this, and you confessed to myself that you and I had an interaction whereby threats were exchanged. How can you explain this, if it only occurred with Shillby Shill? You know, the one you and Jane are so eager to defend, and whose very illegal activities you use as a basis for your own blatant lies and vehement attacks. Why, do you group yourself in with him, when trying to claim he is nothing to do with you, so much so that you lie, deceive and dig yourself a bigger and bigger hole with each passing week in respect to his actions?

Please do not fake your mistakes into trying to have us all believe that this accusation refers to something said by the equally obscure JS2, as you are simply trying to paint a picture of the world being against you. She has nothing to do with what Shillby did, or your admission that you are him, or your constant use of his transcripts to falsely accuse others - so please attempt to be factual.

You tweet as obsessively as anyone about child abuse, and your mate, Jane, is very obviously a sexual deviant, who actually reminds me of the likes of Rose West, in that she could twist any innocent act into a very worrying display of crude and perverted sexual activity. There is plenty of evidence of Jane being a compulsive sexual fantasist too, and it is available anywhere she comments. Something has to be seriously wicked and frustrated to make such comparisons that no normal person would even contemplate. She does it over everything - including her ramblings that anyone who might want to give you a well deserved smack in the mouth, is a potential male rapist!!!

Who the hell apart from you lot and the likes of the KFM would not be worried about having someone like that claim to be a voice for the abused? I would not let her anywhere near children, just the same as I would not trust you around them, based on your actions. Fair enough, you may not actually be a paedophile, but you have a very unhealthy interest in those who have been unfortunate enough to come across them, and so does she. So, what way would you expect normal people to act in that situation?

With respect to your constant desire to decry Darren Laverty: well, you did say to Chris Spivey he was at one time a good friend of yours, and so this would tie in with what I previously mentioned about you now attacking those you were once involved with. From what I hear, Darren has his life on track, despite his previous difficulties in the system, at the hands of others, and that may have subsequently led to him displaying signs of aggression. If you knew anything about people who have been abused, Jones, you would know that more often than not, they either fold and withdraw, or take their own lives, or become intense and dominant themselves. That is what happens, and from what I can see, Darren may have been the latter, but has luckily put it behind him and has a new life - and good for him in doing so.

What I would like to know, is where do people with the mentality of you and Jane fit in with all of this scenario? I mean, it is no stretch of the imagination or discredit to see that you are not exactly the most physically capable advocate of protecting CSA survivors, and yet your disruptive attitude and belittling of others whilst seeking attention beyond your good deeds is completely obvious. You talk about acts that were meant to have happened at Bryn Estyn, almost as if the only real one was your supposed sighting of Morrison. Also note, that Darren Laverty is not a contributor, but someone who passes comment, as do many others. Just because many separate people may have happened to encounter you and Jane, do not try and class them all as having a defined and collective input against you, when in actuality, all that has happened is their individual experiences of your abuse have managed to tally up into a cohesive body of evidence against you.

Get over it, Midget Man.

 Fabooka De Stait