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U.S.D.A. infiltrated by Monsanto.

DominicBertolamiJun 24, 2015, 5:10:20 AM


There are fifteen plus employees who work for both federal government and the private corporation known as Monsanto.  Monsanto is the world's largest biotech corporation and now has its hands in the federal government as well.


  Monsanto is responsible for the Roundup weed killer as well as the resulting super weeds and superbugs it created.  Also growth hormones for cows, genetically engineered and patented seeds, PCBs, and Agent Orange -- which was one of a class of color-coded herbicides that U.S. forces sprayed over the rural landscape in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 to defoliate trees and shrubs and kill food crops that were providing cover and food to opposition forces.


Agent Orange has a toxic contaminant, dioxin, that did not degrade readily and is still causing health problems in Vietnam. Dioxin buried or leached under the surface or deep in the sediment of rivers and other bodies of water can have a half-life of more than 100 years and has already caused deformity over multiple generations.





Monsanto is the same company that is responsible for the genetic modification of our food supply. Monsanto's growth hormones for cows have been approved by Michael Taylor, who is a former Monsanto lobbyist, also turned USDA administrator and FDA deputy commissioner.  This was after Margaret Miller, also herself a former Monsanto employee, oversaw a report on the hormones' safety and then took a job at the FDA where she approved her own report.





Former Monsanto lobbyist, Islam Siddiqui, wrote the USDA's food standards this allowed corporations to label irradiated and genetically engineered foods as "organic."


Obama himself also signed the H.R. 933 which contains section 735, "The Monsanto Protection Act."  This act actually protected Monsanto from labeling genetically modified food. Not only is GMO labeling  reasonable and common sense as a solution to the controversy that corporations like Monsanto, DuPont and Dow Chemical have created, but it is a basic right that citizens in 62 other countries around the world already enjoy, including Europe, Russia, China, India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.


Monsanto's board members have worked for the EPA, advised the USDA, and served on President Obama's Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. Even more obvious as to the level of corruption, the USDA has never denied a single application from Monsanto for new genetically engineered crops. Not one, ever.


An investigation of large-scale government corruption driven by singularly destructive corporations such as Monsanto is long overdue.  We need to take action against the major companies involved with driving the current status quo.