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This Couple Spent 20 Years Building A Self-Sustaining, Floatable Off-Grid Island

Alternative World News NetworkMay 7, 2015, 6:33:59 PM

In 1991, Wayne Adams and Catherine King began building their floating, off-grid island off the coast of British Columbia.  The work in progress is known as "Freedom Cove" and consists of 5 greenhouses, as well as a dance space, an art gallery and a lighthouse.

It comes with half an acre of land for growing edible crops and the couple fishes in the river.  Drinking water is obtained, both through a nearby waterfall and rainwater collection.

The island was originally powered by 12 solar panels, but when the panels broke down they switched to a Honda generator, which produces about 3,000 Watts of power.  They have plans to fix the solar system.

This place is awesome


Credit: Browning Pass


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