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Usefulness of Lighting: Let’s Go Back in Time!

kelly29Aug 1, 2014, 1:06:02 PM

From the ancient times, man has been trying to eliminate the darkness around him with lighting solutions. It is clearly evidenced from 70,000 BC, when people made use of natural materials including hollow rocks, shell, and moss to get lighting in the form of lamps. However, efficient lighting fixtures were only observed during the 4500 BC after which, gradual innovations were made, which gave birth to useful and attractive lighting.


Over centuries, there have been several improvements made in the direction of developing energy-efficient lighting fixtures such as LED lights and fluorescent lights. These are designed to offer perfect illumination and are some of most popular forms of lighting available today. Widely used at homes and offices, the focus of these lights is to illuminate and generate a specific mood in the environment.


Today, lighting has come a long way. You can find a wide spectrum of lighting products, which can not only illuminate your home but can enhance the overall décor of your room spaces. From your bathroom, bedroom to dining room and kitchen, you can transform the look of almost any room by installing the perfect lighting fixture.