Guy gets ticketed for not riding in bike lane: makes video of himself smashing into things in bike lanes.

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October 1, 2013 • Page Views: 2,311,578+

Casey Neistat teaches us about riding in bike lanes in New York City.


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    kinkou: the land of the free!
    July 18, 2015
    PedestrianHatesBikes: I'm saving the planet through the power of uberDouchery! Yay me! No, you're getting a ticket for being an asshole.
    July 22, 2015
    devotinouswarrior: love the video and hope casey didn't get too banged up, great way to make a point. i been riding bikes of all kinds for over 20 years. ONE LESS CAR !!! and mr. pedestrian hater guy,.. it's time to grow up,... hating is for toddlers and their tantrums,... biking is what enlightened individuals do to save this planet that the t.v. trained consumer yuppies keep fucking up by buying new shit. (like cars) good luck on gettin' the 50.00 back.
    August 13, 2015
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