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Japan is Creative Freedom's Last Stand

TheDetroitOtakuJun 5, 2021, 3:02:21 AM

There is no light without darkness, and without evil, the good often fail to find their voice. 

Creative freedom in entertainment will either be lost or won forever in the 2020s, and with Hollywood falling to pieces because of the woke and foreign Communist infiltration, European entertainment going woke very much like Hollywood as evidenced by the firing of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear UK, along with most Asian entertainment also going woke, all that's left standing is Japan, and they are the final bastion for creative freedom in entertainment in the world. There is nowhere else to flee to.

And recently, I have seen too many comments of doom and despair, too many on Anime Twitter, and from content creators that there is no hope for Japan, that they are not immune and will fall, and all that's left to do is pour a glass of wine and watch the sun go down. 

But comments like those are an example of just how sheltered fans of Japanese pop culture are from the struggles against wokeness around the world. 

Censorship and poor localization of anime and games that come from Japan to the west is bad, but try 57 YEARS of the Comics Code Authority on for size. That's what generations of comic book fans in America had to live through. Ask some of the comics creators in the West who have never had any of the creative freedom manga and anime creators take for granted whether they've given up hope. Ask some conservative Hollywood celebrities, where speaking out against the woke mob means the loss of their livelihoods, whether they've given up hope.

These people would envy the conditions under which we fight, where creators can still put out new series on many different topics without much scrutiny, and where we can have a shot at getting censorship removed in our favorite works if we try hard enough.

Where Japanese pop culture is, compared to 100% of the rest of the entertainment industry, still woke free. 

We are in a battle, not just to make sure Japanese pop culture stays free from wokeness, but in a battle to save creative freedom around the world. The international woke SJW movement has made Japan it's special project, and they know that if they can crush creative freedom there, it will drive the rest of the content creators and their respective fans around the world who hope for creative freedom deeper into despair. And they want that. They want your sadness and depression. They want you to give up so the rest of those hoping for creative freedom give up too and bow under their chains.

But this fight is what Otakus around the world need. This fight is our birthright. We should be thankful for this fight. 

It would be nice if there were no SJWs, no Anita Sarkeesian, no Zoe Quinn, and no Monica Rial or Jamie Marchi. It would be nice if we didn't have to worry about any outside threats from the West to Japan's entertainment industry, and that we would continue to go about our daily lives without any worry. It would be nice if political correctness didn't exist and people could enjoy things without getting offended. But so would not having to get out of bed early in the morning to go to work or school. 

Life is a challenge and we all face many challenges. We all get up early to go to work or school. We spend long nights finishing up our degree programs. We work over 40 hours a week. We save our money to pay off our bills and make a living for ourselves. We preserve all kinds of media, Japanese or otherwise, to hopefully pass down to younger generations and beyond. And we do all these things because they are our responsibilities, and they shape us into the people we are. 

Just picture the woke SJWs as Exdeath and us as the main cast.

Now, we face a challenge where the woke foes order us to stop gatekeeping and let them contaminate the things we enjoy and hold dear. This is the challenge that not only Japan must face, but a challenge that we as a fandom we must face. This challenge demands the best out of us. This challenge will help shape our identity as those who fought for creative freedom instead of just another group of random weebs who only want to live in comfort and not have to worry about anything else. 

Good emerges in response to evil. Like it or not, we need the woke SJWs to remind us of who we are, and what we can do to fight back when we get pushed into a corner. They are teaching us the cold and hard truth that if we want to preserve Japanese pop culture, we must not give up and run away to somewhere else. We must confront them because there is no "somewhere else" to run to. If Japan goes down, then that is it for creative freedom. You hoping that Hollywood makes a comeback? Good luck with that. Japan is creative freedom's last stand. There is nowhere else to run to. This is it. 

If the woke SJWs, did not exist, would we be as passionate about our hobbies are we are today? How many of us would realize the importance of creative freedom and that it is worth preserving? Would we be the same fans that we are today? Would we value Japanese video games and anime as much as we do today if we were in an alternate timeline where we wouldn't have to defend it? Would we care enough about Japanese media to keep those who seek to ruin it away? Would we even be aware that Japan has one of the greatest entertainment industries in the world, and would we care? Would we realize the dangers of what would happen if a bad actor or two sabotaged Japanese media for the worse? 

The SJWs help remind us of the need to preserve our hobbies the way they are. As they work to doom Japan, as games get censored, and as anime series get bad localizations, as fans are openly mocked and persecuted by the woke mob, these attacks remind us that we must be better, that we must be more passionate, that we must do more, and be more to help protect Japanese media from more bad actors. 

As we battle the SJWs, we become the Otakus that we were meant to be. We become stronger, more passionate, and more devoted. 

And I believe we will win this fight. If it wasn't for independent content creators exposing stories like the scandals at Funimation involving Chris Sabat, stories about the censorship of 3rd party games by Sony, and all the other leaked stories about woke content creators in gaming and anime, we wouldn't be here right now. 

These SJWs are capable of being defeated and they know that as well. The only question is how long will it take to defeat them. How much damage will they do before we are free to fight back? How many games or manga will be censored before we are free to fight back? 

To many of you, it may seem as if they're winning. We're outnumbered and they control the media, they control Hollywood, etc. They are the official experts. They are the authorities. They are in charge. 

But they have a weakness. They know they have weaknesses. Every enemy has a weakness. As the woke mob gets more vitriolic, we rise and they fall. 

The bad news is that the woke mob is going to get worse. And the good news is that the woke mob is going to get worse. No, I'm not confused. The two are one and the same. Think about it carefully. 

Japan is not weak. Japanese content creators are not weak. So how come us and them can't drive back the woke mob? Why are we still capitulating and retreating?

Japan is not weak. They're indecisive. The woke mob surprise us and play on our emotions. They try to infiltrate us and try to subvert us, and when they're exposed, the woke mob says they're misunderstood. 

The stronger the woke mob becomes, the weaker they will get. Their greatest strength is weakness. If you've seen Scarface, you'll know what I'm talking about. Tony Montana got stronger and wealthier, but at the same time his greed was his biggest weakness and it destroyed him. In our society, monsters who say they are weak, oppressed, or misunderstood get away with murder. 

It is when they take off their masks and stop pretending to be victims and come out of the closet as oppressors that the woke mob will become really vulnerable. 

Yes, the woke mob has had their victories over Japan, what with the censorship of Dead or Alive 6 and Sony's censorship policies. But that doesn't mean that the woke mob will win and that they'll completely subvert Japan. You can win battles but you can also lose wars. And if the woke mob ever decides to come out in the open as oppressors in Japan proper, that would be their biggest, and final mistake. 

Their strength will not match that of actual Japanese Otakus or us. When they try to take them, and us, on directly, they will lose. 

That's history.

Jack Thompson, and the rest of the old Religious Right were strongest when they didn't confront anime or video games directly. They went down to defeat and irrelevance when they made the mistake of coming out in the open against our hobbies. 

Now the woke mob is making the same mistake. They're not victims. They're supremacists. Supremacists may play weak for a while, Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi certainly did, but what they really want to do is show how strong they really are. Everything the woke mob does, all the pressure and censorship they force on us, is about showing us how strong they are. Secrecy is the greatest weapon of the woke mob. It goes out the window when they decide to come out in the open as oppressors. 

In war, your side's weakness matters more than the other side's strength. Our weakness is that we want to be welcoming to those who are interested in our hobbies. Their weakness is that they want to control and dictate everything. The greatest threat to the victory of woke SJWs comes from themselves. They make it impossible for themselves to assume total victory because they don't understand Japan or us. And we can't beat them because we don't fully understand them. 

Fans of Japanese pop culture are a cooperative society. The woke mob is a hierarchical society. We want to introduce new fans to our hobbies to grow our popularity. But when the woke mob comes in, they demand a hierarchy in which they dictate everything.  

The two are not compatible. And the cooperative society destroys itself when it tries to cooperate, compromise and work together with an enemy that wants to destroy them. They grow in strength by pretending to be weak while we seek a compromise. Until the enemy tells us straight up that they don't want a compromise. 

Yes, I do think the attacks by the woke mob on Japan and the media they produce will get worse. We will no doubt reach moments where it will seem like they are on the brink of victory. Like the Religious Right before them, they will use any means necessary before they lose. 

And they will lose. 

The entire narrative is built on destroying and demoralizing Japan. "Japan is full of rapists and sexists." "Japan is full of perverts who create disgusting media for the world to see." "Japan should be wiped off the map." 

If there are times when you think that it's hopeless, that there is no hope for Japan, that we have already lost, that Japan is already lost, that average people will never know the truth, and that we'll be going through the same motions, 15 or 20 years from now, don't.  

You may not think it can happen. Most people didn't believe that the Soviet Union would fall, or that the communist regimes in Eastern Europe would fall either. 

The battle to protect Japanese media and creative freedom in Japan has been a long battle, and this fight isn't over yet. Japan is not done yet, nor will she be. Not even close. Warts and all, and every country has it's warts, Japan and Japanese culture is still built to last. The fans of gaming and anime in Japan have the fight within them. Japanese are different from us Westerners because they are built differently, and the passion for their hobbies are hard-wired into their souls. 

The war being waged by the woke SJWs against Japan is teaching us to be more passionate about our hobbies. It may not seem like it now, but we should be thankful for what we have, and we should be thankful for the battle they have given us, because they are teaching us how to defend our hobbies.

I say this as a respectful foreign Otaku and resident of the State of Michigan (a state home to an auto industry that the Japanese gave a good run for their money in the 70s and 80s): Japan is still home to the greatest entertainment industry on the face of the Earth. 

”A man is not finished when he's defeated; he's finished when he quits.” - Richard Nixon