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Go Woke, Go Broke: Why Feminist Movies and TV Shows Fail On So Many Levels.

☆FreeSpeech☆Jan 16, 2021, 2:56:49 AM

Previously, a friend of mine said I should discuss this... I also mentioned that I'm going to need a lot of painkillers for this review...

And yes, the facepalming didn't end there…

And I was absolutely right.

I had a massive headache after watching Terminator: Dark Fate, Charlie's Angels, and the TV series Batwoman. I watched them all in one go, which is very dangerous for a number of reasons.

My patience and sanity can only hold out for so long, folks.

Let's get started on this mind-numbing madness…

So, I watched the new Batwoman (2019) series everyone's been talking about and reviewing on Youtube, since it first aired.

Nothing really prepared me for this...

That fake wig is probably the scariest thing ever.


And man, this show is utter crap.

It's basically shit and I happen to be female.

You know... the main target audience.

After watching the first five minutes of the pilot episode, this was probably the worst TV series in history ever. In terms of storytelling and plot. I especially hated the fact that Ruby Rose, who plays Batwoman, is actually blaming Batman for the death of her mother and sister. Not to mention, this is an alternate universe where Batman abandoned Gotham City.

I’m a huge fan of Batman and in no way do I see him in any shape or form, saying, “I quit this crime-fighting job.”

That is NOT his character.

Batman never quits.

If Batman was seriously injured, like he broke his back or lost an arm, then maybe I could believe it...

He always had a backup plan for everything.  Not to mention, someone like Robin would sometimes step in and also save the day.  Robin was always with Batman, so where did he suddenly run off to?

Robin is NOT even mentioned in this abomination of a show.

What the hell?

So we have no Batman and no Robin, but we have Ruby's character, who is the opposite and is quite annoying. She's a brat and a very selfish human being. Why is the city left in her hands? And where is James Gordon, the police chief in all of this?

Did he decide to quit too? It doesn't add up.

In the beginning, we see Ruby (I'm not going to call her Batwoman) jumping into this Arctic icy river or lake... they don’t say where exactly, and she’s practically skinny dipping at this point. She gets trapped in the ice and has a flashback about her mother and sister, who both died in some car accident.  She’s able to use her handcuffs as brass knuckles and break the ice, which could be several inches thick.

No explanation as to why she jumped into the lake whatsoever.

Then, we see Ruby wrapped up in some blanket storming into some Native American guy’s hut, in the middle of nowhere. So we have an old Indian dude, telling her to jump back into the ice.


This is how it starts…?

We are not told nor shown the real reason why she’s doing all of this.

For fun?

For mom and dad?

Then, some crazy chick dressed in white/gray kidnaps her girlfriend, Sophie... and that’s when we get this absurd flashback about Ruby and Sophie kissing back in the military days and getting disqualified.

What the fuck is going on?

This TV series cannot make up its fucking mind. Is this story about Batwoman and her saving people in Gotham City, because I’ve totally lost interest right now?

So the only time Ruby’s character feels compelled to do anything “heroic” is when her girlfriend is kidnapped and she sneaks into Bruce Wayne’s mansion to check out some video (or camera) about Sophie’s kidnapping that night.

A black butler, carrying a taser gun, tells her not to do that and she handcuffs him to the wall after using a paperclip she stole on Bruce’s desk.

Yeah, whatever.

The butler calls security. But why is Ruby’s character not arrested for breaking and entering the place? Not to mention, she’s stealing video footage and she’s not a police officer, which can be a crime in some states dealing with privacy laws.

She’s just that privileged, eh?

Ruby goes back to her rich father, trying to tell him what happened, but there’s a party of some kind for her or her father... which I could care less. And then, we get another flashback about Ruby being disqualified from the military.

Did we really need to see this bullshit side-story?

Didn’t we already see this coming during the second flashback with the general yelling at them and shit? This is becoming repetitive.

Is this Batwoman?

Because not once have I seen anything relating to Batwoman; no crime fighting, no saving innocent people, and none of this even ties in with the actual Batman universe. We don’t even get a chance to see Bruce Wayne in all his glory, not even in the flashback scenes.

What the hell is going on here?  Who wrote this crap?

If I was the writer of this show, I'd be extremely embarrassed for fucking this up.


Did the writer of this show even watch Batman or even read the comics?

And then... Ruby tries to save Sophie by going into the villain’s hideout, but she doesn’t even bring a gun with her or anything to actually defend herself with. She finds the front entrance and expects to just walk on in without any problems.

Oh and the villain... She’s pathetic.

She’s a cross between the Joker and the Mad Hatter. What a horrible combination. The She-Villain hits her over the head with a bat of some kind and Batwoman is dead.


She lives?

Are you serious?

And she has no black eyes and no bloody lip to show for it. So the She-Villain beat her up and not once did she touch Ruby’s beautiful face. Why? Did she hit her that lightly as to not cause a bruise? Only on her arm and that's it. Also, Ruby’s character doesn’t seem fazed by being beaten to death.

Yeah, I’m fine.

I’ll just walk it off.

What a joke.

You have a character, who doesn’t even remotely fear death and she treats it like it’s a joy ride.  And then, Ruby goes back to father and cries like a baby, talking about her mother and blah blah blah.

Ruby goes back to Wayne’s mansion and the black butler can’t even defend himself against her. What is the point of having a butler, who clearly can’t keep intruders and villains from invading this man’s house?

Dude, get a gun next time and shoot her in the leg.

Ruby finds Batman’s cave, then steals his suit and gear.

So heroic... NOT!

She sees the Batman suit, which looks like a monstrosity. Why does the Batman suit look like it was made from Party City? You’re telling me they couldn’t borrow the actual Batman suit from any of the previous movies. This TV series is cheap as hell when it comes to its characters, storyline, action sequences, and costume design.

If you don’t have the budget to make it, then why even start?

Who asked for this nonsense?

Oh yeah, and I love this cringy one liner from Ruby, “It’ll be perfect when it fits a woman.”

My reaction during the entire show.

You do know that every woman has a different body type, right?

That some women have more curves than others... while some have larger breasts, a-hem chests...

Why didn’t Ruby say, “It’ll be perfect when it fits me?” That would’ve made more sense than this entire series.

The She-villain plants a bomb--I stopped caring... and states if the father is calm, then this boring movie can end. Are we just foreshadowing how badly written this piece of garbage is?

The fight scene between She-Villain and Ruby is horrendous. No suspense. Literally no action. I was bored the entire time. Didn’t care who lived or died. Just yawned while watching it.

Watching grass or paint dry is more exciting.

Ruby isn’t scary nor threatening looking whatsoever. She doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of the villains or anyone for that matter. She’s not intimidating at all and has way too much lipstick and makeup for a superhero, who’s constantly sweating and beating up criminals.

This is an insult to the real Batwoman, the comics, the loyal fans, and to those who didn't know Batwoman.

There is nothing great about this show. It’s simply boring and full of plot-holes, clichés & tropes, PC characters, SJWs' storytelling, and cringy dialogue that feels like it’s written by someone who’s never written anything in their life and is possibly an overgrown 45 year old, who acts like twelve years old.

Actually, a twelve year old could write better than this trite.

One more thing... the She-Villain is Ruby’s sister.

Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming.


Not one bit...

In fact, I knew that they were going to use this trope of the Evil Sister from the moment I first saw She-Villain. Did they really think the audience was that stupid? When you literally have to spell everything out for us, doesn’t that make us feel dumber for watching this show?

I’m mad I wasted 42 minutes and 25 seconds of my life that I will never get back. Ever again.

Will I continue watching the rest of this series?



Charlie’s Angels

Within the first few minutes... we see Portugal or someplace in South America.

It starts off with a Kristen Stewart's face (which is a horrible place to start if you ask me) and she’s saying, “Women can do anything and everything.”

Like she’s being interviewed for the role of Charlie’s Angels.  Why is Kristen Stewart in this? She’s the worst actress ever, and if you’ve watched her in previous movies, like Twilight, she hardly shows any emotions besides shock and meh.

She’s talking to some rich, Chinese dude, who’s flirting with her at a table. Then, blah blah and she tries to suck on a man’s finger. So empowering.

Afterwards, she beats up the guy and one other girl shows up with Patrick Stewart.

Why is he in this trashy movie? Is he not getting paid enough?

What’s even worse, Kristen Stewart is pushed off the railing and the girls are on a helicopter.  No one tells us who this Chinese guy is... what he’s done that’s so bad, etc.

You know... that would make sense to have a reason why they’re there in the first place.

Me watching this train-wreck of a movie…

In addition, we get this montage scene of little girls running around pretending to be astronauts, having fun, and flying, etc. The music score during this scene is even worse.

Is this a movie or a commercial about girls wearing sneakers?

I don’t get it.

Nobody wanted this movie.

After this scene, we get another gem where one of the girls is talking to some guy, who’s obviously the villain, and he’s saying that she should be smarter than that.

Because he’s a dick for not listening to a girl, since he’s some top boss or whatever.

I don’t fucking care.

I lost all interest... when Patrick Stewart comes home, he gets a surprise party from everyone. It’s like the same plot as Batwoman. What is up with these Surprise Parties within the first fifteen minutes? They literally serve no purpose whatsoever nor do they enhance the plot nor move it forward.

I have no idea what is going on in this movie. I was so bored that I just wanted to leave and do something more constructive, like writing this review.

Anyway, they talk about some new invention with clean energy. They don’t talk about how it actually works.

It looks like a Paper Origami Pyramid...

Then, we get another scene where some other girl is boxing with a mentor, one of my favorite actors of all time, Djimon Hounsou. I don’t know why he’s in this crappy film, because he’s better than this.

Apparently, this is supposed to be how they first started out. Kristen Stewart’s character meets Boxer Girl; I forgot their names already. So they go to this café to meet some dude... don’t know why but Kristen Stewart runs to help or save the day.

Who are they fighting? I don’t even know.

It’s not even relevant to the entire movie. There’s no coherent plot to any of this. I just see the girls running or jumping down someplace or trying to fight (which they’re bad at). There’s a chase scene and one of the girls introduces herself as Jane to another girl, who can’t shut up and is constantly talking and cursing...

I didn’t feel anything during this scene. There was no buildup, no tension, no fearing for the characters’ lives.

This is a typical, trope-filled, cliché ridden spy film, where one of the character dies (Edgar Bosley) and the villain is a stereotypical white villain with no real motivations, but to kill people.

So after the Angels fuck up their mission, they meet another Bosley, a woman this time, and they decide to seek revenge for the death of the other Bosley.

This was a revenge movie all this time?

Why couldn’t they have this chase scene in the beginning? It literally doesn’t connect nor tie in the dots with the beginning sequence whatsoever.

This movie is all over the place. It can’t decide if it’s a movie or an Infomercial.

We get some dumb down explanation scene and mumbo-jumbo about some technology that can be used as a killing machine (didn’t see that one coming), etc that one of the Angels created herself at some big corporation.

Then, we get this creepy scene with one of the Angels being checked for weapons. Oh, yeah the security guy is checking her over several times since she’s hot.

Why are all the men in the movie predators, thugs, creeps, jerks, misogynists, and villains... except one (token black guy) and he died while the other is so-called retired from the business (Patrick Stewart)... but not really (I’ll discuss this later).

Also the tacky hip-hop music (soundtrack) sucks so hard, I found it quite distracting and plain annoying. It kept taking me out of the movie for all the wrong reasons. This movie is already outdated due to such bad music. The track is so generic that I could probably find it in other B-movies. At least with James Bond, they actually tried to make the soundtrack decent, unique, and somewhat grand and engaging to the audiences.

But in Charlie’s Angels, the music is bland...

Oh yes, did I mention that one of the guys, a white security guard, named Ralph gets electrocuted and the Angels just leave him to die on the floor...

One of the Angels had warned him that there was a bomb, but the guy doesn’t believe her... can you blame him when she deceived him the first time, as she’s trying to steal something from the company he works at?

Great job, girls!

So much sympathy for your cause... leaving innocent people, especially innocent men, to die on the floor while you walk over the body and just run away.

One of the Angels asks, “Is Ralph going to be okay?”

And the other two reply back, saying, “Yeah, he’s fine.”

Such compassion.

When one of the Angel mentions that Ralph died and she’s a murderer (questioning it), the other two are like, “No! It’s just collateral damage.”

Collateral damage?! WTF?

So let me get this straight... what if a little girl got hurt in the process of them stealing this object and happened to have died on the floor... that would’ve been heartbreaking for the Angels, right?

But an innocent security guard, who happens to be a man, dies... what if he had a wife and several children?

His death is no big deal to the Angels whatsoever, because he is considered collateral damage.

If saving people's lives are what the Angels are trying to do by taking away this dangerous weapon (technology), shouldn’t the Angels be protecting everyone, like regular citizens?

But no.

I saw the first Charlie’s Angels and not once did I see any of them being that heartless. Fighting and killing the villains is one thing, but letting an innocent man die is another and then joking about it five seconds later shows a lack of moral compass.

How are they any different from the villains they are fighting?

That means Charlie’s Angels are willing to sacrifice innocent men, children, and woman for their cause. Not valuing the lives of others, including men, is truly disturbing on so many levels.

Oh yeah, and then we have our token Muslim character in this flick as well. We just had to have a Muslim woman in this movie to fill the status quo of political correctness? Am I right?

Why would you pander to Muslims?

Females in the Muslim World have no fucking rights under Islam. You think Muslim women will be watching this film in Saudi Arabia and be thinking, “I want to be a Charlie’s Angels spy too. It’s so empowering?”

Also, running in high heels is a constant thing in this movie. Seriously? Can we stick to practical running shoes or at least take off the heels for once?

I have a hard time suspending disbelief that any woman can run very fast and really far in high heels, trying to catch up to some evil villain, who’s some rich Chinese dude. I don’t know if it’s the same guy from before, since the scene is too dark, but didn’t they arrest this guy before? He looks familiar or maybe all rich, Chinese dudes look alike in this movie.

I don’t know.

Where are these dudes coming from? Are they from China, Europe, Japan, etc? We don’t even know who this evil group of thugs are and what they plan to do, except to use the technology as a weapon.

Did I mention the Chinese dude has a crush on Kristen Stewart?


Some villain he turned out to be...

Can you imagine if Joker had a crush on Batman? Batman would’ve kicked his ass so fast, Joker would be in a wheelchair for months. It’s not a good start when you have a villain complimenting the one who’s kicking his butt. It makes him look rather weak too.

Kristen’s most intense scene is where she’s about to get crushed in a machine and her line is, “It’s getting very crushy in here.”

Riveting dialogue there.

Oh yeah, did I mention she leaves the guy to die a horrible death inside the machine. Doesn’t offer to help or nothing. Just watches him as he dies and gets crushed to death.

I guess it makes sense, since he was trying to kill her. But it would’ve been more compelling to see a character try to help one of the thugs, not wanting to see him die a brutal death.

But that’s just me.

Also, within a few seconds of seeing him die, she doesn’t seem fazed by it whatsoever. None of the characters show any kind of empathy towards anyone, but their own. And then, there’s a scene with a little girl and Kristen Stewart makes silly faces at her and jokes around.

Funny how fast they got used to killing someone only five seconds ago.

One of the Charlie’s Angels (I think it’s Jane) has a crying fit once Kristen Stewart gets hurt (she should’ve been dead), but during the whole movie, Jane showed no emotions at all throughout everything.

Oh yeah, Patrick Stewart is the bad guy, who wants to give the technology to the highest bidder or something.

It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever why he betrayed the agency, the Charlie’s Angels. What is his reasoning? Because he’s retired, he figured he’d play the villain since he doesn’t work for the company anymore?

What kind of shit is this?

What does Patrick Stewart gain from doing this? Money? Fame?

There’s this scene in the film right after one of the girls gets captured, where Jane and Kristen do a dance off. Can Charlie’s Angels actually focus on trying to save their comrade, instead of wasting precious time dancing at some stupid party?

Please stop...

Did I mention all the guys in this film are bad? There’s not one good male character, who can help the Angels?

I forgot that there’s some random young boy, who they meet, but he’s so bland of a character and he’s barely even in the film. He shows up one time in the beginning and all of a sudden, he shows up again to help towards the end. He so happened to be at this same exclusive party, where the main villains were hiding out.

What a coincidence!

And why is there no female villain to balance it out?

Did I mention that Jane kills a man and he falls over a railing and dies in front of a hundred people, who scream... but nobody calls the police whatsoever?

One last thing, the rich Chinese villain from the start (who was selling the weapon) ends up becoming a good guy... WTF?!


All the women at the party turn out to be spies, who knocked out all the bad guys.

Where did they come from?

Who are they?

Nothing is explained.

This is some Deus Ex Machina Bullshit happening up in here. In the end, the background music is Ariana Grande, singing, “Boy, shut up. Don’t call me Angel.” And we get these additional scenes with the other girl, training to be an Angel during the requirement process.

Wouldn’t this have been more important in the beginning to help build up her character and make her a well-rounded individual, but we are shown this at the end credits.

Just why?

The running time of this movie is 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 45 seconds.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Fuck this movie.

I stopped watching after the first five minutes of this Godawful film.


Once they killed off John Connor as a little boy, I knew this was a shit show. I said nope and turned the damn thing off.

If you don’t know who John Connor is, he’s humanity’s last hope. In Terminator 1 and 2, John Connor was the only leader of the resistance against Skynet and the terminator machines. When you kill off John Connor as a little boy, you’re basically shitting on your loyal fanbase, who loved Terminator.

This movie is a slap in my face.

I love Terminator 2, because it has a special place in my heart. 

It was part of my childhood, growing up, and John Connor is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Why would a producer and director do such a dreadful thing? And then to bring in new characters, who I don’t even care about, is such a disgrace to James Cameron’s legacy.

I refuse to watch this movie and waste 1 hour, 57 minutes, and 45 seconds of my life.

I don’t care if Arnold or Sarah Connor are both in it... I am boycotting this abomination of a film.


by W.D. Lady