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America is Being Red-Pilled

VISION LAUNCH MEDIANov 13, 2020, 1:54:22 PM

The Loss of Trust In The Corporate Media Is Accelerating 

This is an excerpt from the article: Is The Fall Of Fox News Signaling The End of The Corporate Media Era?

The mass censorship and betrayal we have seen this year are causing many people to really think about where they get their information from. A mass exodus from traditional media sources is happening. News sites like NewsMax and free speech social platforms like Parler are experiencing huge inflows of new subscribers.

Keep in mind, while smaller media outlets like NewsMax may seem fairer than Fox News, they too are just another gatekeeper. The corporate news model is inherently flawed. Once any news media outlet starts to grow in viewership it's quickly co-opted and absorbed.  

There will always be people watching the corporate news but we are reaching a tipping point where enough Americans are starting to realize just how deceptive & dangerous the corporate media actually is. As the saying goes, it takes years to build trust and moments to lose it. And lost it they have.

We will leave you with a social media post from Facebook this week. People are starting to really get it, and she is not alone. We changed her name to protect her identity.

By Alesia Messo

I had a conversation with a good friend late last night about Freedom of Speech and what is happening today.

As I fell asleep, I said I am going to write something today about the First Amendment.

Ironically, I woke up this morning to the second person in as many days fact-checking my decision to read certain media or follow certain media. Neither wrote it because we have even a FB relationship, Both in my opinion wrote it to try to shame me or stop me from reading free press.

Has this happened to you?

In my den last night, I started reading the Federalist Papers. The real ones, from 1787. I know I am that crazy friend, but I have been thinking about them because they were the papers that convinced the public to ratify the Constitution.

The Federalist Papers, of which there were 85 over a two-year period, were written by famous men who used the same pen name. Publius. They remained anonymous. I thought to myself, the alternative media or "conspiracy theory" of the 1700s! How amazing.

Freedom of thought, speech, and religion are our natural-born rights. The founding Fathers were right and so smart.

The Freedom of the press was and is their number one priority in the Constitution because they knew that without it, the people could be suppressed.

I have moved away from the “reputable” media outlets that I grew up watching as my only form of information. My husband and I were just talking last night as we watched CBS nightly news, (which we always have done) they did not even mention the election fraud.

We are witnessing fraud on all levels across not one state but 7!

How is that not reportable news?

Earlier in the evening, I was watching FOX Business with Neil Cavuto, who is a business analyst, not a political analyst. He was covering The White House news Briefing, he did not like what Kayleigh was saying and he and his producers decided that me as a free-thinking, free American viewer should not see the press conference and cut away. His actions were bad, but his words were petrifying. What he said, was akin to Russian and China State-owned media.

In America, we have the First Amendment and it protects us all. Even when people say things we don't agree with or believe, we have the right to say it, write it, speak it,

The First Amendment does not limit freedom of speech, religion, assembly, or press with a covenant that says “Free speech, but only the speech we agree with.” Quite the opposite.

If you go back in history, our history, the Founding Fathers, and the people of our early colonies wanted freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly because the English were still ruling us and they prohibited all of these things. History tells us that the limiting of these specific freedoms is purposeful.

They are used to control the masses, to stop gatherings of like-minded people, to stop the uprising, to stop movements, to stop. These limits are put in place to stop. To stop people.

History all over the world has shown that to be true.

So, although there is a certain part of our population that has for at least the past four years felt the need to fact check their peers including me, in the guise that the press you read is the word of the lord, and the press anyone other than you read is a conspiracy theory, I have this to say.

Since March, CBS on two occasions used footage from overloaded Italian Hospitals and presented them as NYC hospitals while we were at the height of our apex.

ABC used an explosion at a fireworks factory and presented it to the American public as a bombing in the Middle East. Why would they need to do that?

FOX fired Judge Jeanine because she was covering the Election Fraud.

NYT’s reported lies about Trump saying things he did not say which they later recanted.

Not one network is reporting the election fraud.

All of the fake information always has an unnamed source right?

But when the news hit Hunter Biden's laptop where there was a real live witness, a real laptop with real information, the FBI confirmed it was real, a real whistleblower who came forward and spoke. All major news outlets say this is not proven.

Wait a minute, didn't we go through 3 years of words like “alleged Russia collusion” and then reputable news outlets all saying they have sources and then many, many just reported it like it was fact.

Well, the fact was it was not fact. It was based on a paid document that was a lie.

So, I circle back to the trusted news organizations. I cannot trust them anymore. There is no credibility in the WAPO, WSJ, NYT, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and all smaller local networks affiliated with them. I don't trust them, I watch them but I don’t trust them Alternative media is out there. We were given gifts from God to think freely and make decisions based on what we read, see, know to be false or true and all based on our gut feelings as well.

What we are witnessing is a complete shutdown of information and censorship. Communist and Socialist countries do this.

One last thing, the press was included in the First Amendment because that is the way the people are controlled. The Press, all press should be the last bastion of hope between tyranny and freedom. WE have lost it. The mainstream media does not even try to pretend.


This is an excerpt from the article: Is The Fall Of Fox News Signaling The End of The Corporate Media Era?