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9app Google translate

lemonwebtechOct 7, 2019, 12:50:20 PM

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Language is the medium through which an individual expresses thoughts, faith, belief, thinking and feeling towards things.There are many languages in the world. But English is regarded as the universal language. It is spoken in almost all the countries. It is the official language of many international organisations. But it does not mean that other languages are subordinate to it or they are not important.

Ancient language translator

There are many languages which are equally important from the point of view of expression and business transactions. For example mandarin is the most spoken language in the world.There are many ancient scriptures which are in this language. Sanskrit is regarded as the oldest language. Many ancient scriptures have been written in this language. Since internet has made everything global the information in these scriptures also need to be presented before the word so that even people belonging to other countries are able to grasp and comprehend the basic ideas and ideals behind these scriptures.Hence the need of language translation tool.

Multiple language support

Apart from literature the need for translation tool arise due to the fact that there are so many languages in the world that not every individual can understand what the other is saying. So by using the translation tool and individual can understand the thoughts of the other individual. Internet has brought people closer. There is exchange of information on a huge level. People are not only sharing business information but personal information is also revealed on social networking platforms. This makes the use of language tool more important.

Google translate text

Google translate is one such tool which can be used for the purpose of translating one language in any other language of the user’s choice. The only requirement for translating language is that the user need to choose the language in which the user want to translate the text written in the translation box. Once the user has entered the language of the to be translated text the user can translate the text by simply hitting the translate button. While using Google translate two boxes appear.In the first box the user need to write down the language in which the text is and in the second box the user has to choose from amongst more than hundred languages in which the user want the written text to be translated. By hitting the translate button the language will be translated.

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