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300 girls and us

FordField7Aug 13, 2019, 12:33:07 PM

Sometimes I have a strange feeling that since the premiere of "American Pie" all comedies for - young and old - teenagers are the same, and their script is based on the principle of "4Z": talk, pass, forget, find the next; full of monothematic gags at the lowest level, where humor can be described as "cloaky", and girls more often show breasts than faces. Therefore, when I reach for a new American comedy for teenagers, I think (unfortunately) with stereotypes, but sometimes a movie pleasantly surprises me. You can say that this was the case with "Ale chad!" Because although there are a lot of well-worn games there, I laughed a few times. The two best buddies, Shawn (Nicholas D'Agosto) and Nick (Eric Christian Olsen), play together in the school football team. top streaming websites like fmovies Terrified by the prospect of a training camp under the banner of "zero girls", they decide to use all their charm and cleverness to get out of sports duties and instead go to a camp for ... cheerleaders, which of course they do.

They join a group of cheering brides from their school and learn to make "baskets", "towers" and other stunts under the watchful eye of Captain Carly (Sarah Roemer) who catches Shawn's eye.

Nick, on the other hand, tries to pick up a beautiful camp trainer, Diora (Molly Sims). In the meantime the competition is approaching, the number of unbroken girls is rapidly decreasing, and Carly's boyfriend is getting more and more unbearable ... "But chad!" it's quite a nice comedy for young people (not just American ones). The story is not focused only on the "4Z" principle, which is a plus of the film.

Of course, we have here several motives abused in this type of productions, but they can be experienced. You don't get cheerleaders as you would expect. Cheering brides are not stupid and empty: you can talk to them not only about cosmetics, actors, etc., hear about their plans for the future and see that they are tougher and can fight for their own, and cheerliders are not necessarily gay. The main characters are two really cool, resourceful boys who can handle any situation (even caught together naked).

Funny "But rock!" this is not another "Girls from the team", but quite a tolerable, light and pleasant movie.

A large dose of humor and funny gags, a lot of good music plus respectively: three hundred girls and two hunks (say) in a sauce of holiday madness, breakneck acrobatics performed by cute cheerlides and ... reciting romantic poetry. .