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Who Is Connected To The Finders?

Patriots SoapboxJul 26, 2019, 3:26:56 PM


In the first part of this series we looked at Marion Petty (Pettie) aka the 'Game  Caller' of the Finders Cult, an alleged child sex trafficking ring with potential ties to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. 

Marion Petty (Pettie) aka The GameCaller

Now we will look at some of the people who were associated with Marion Petty (Pettie) the alleged leader of the Finders Cult:

Charles E. Marsh (Mentor of Marion Pettie)

(Provided the funds for Mr. Pettie to purchase hundreds of acres of property in Culpepper County, VA- Right outside Washington D.C)

Besides being a mentor to Marion Pettie, Charles Marsh was a journalist, who became an editor in 1914 and in 1916, partnered with Ephraim Silas Fentress to purchase the “Fargo Forum,” an independent newspaper in Fargo. In 1918, they moved to Waco, TX and purchased the “Waco Tribune” newspaper. Both went on to purchase numerous newspapers throughout Texas, accumulating a lot of wealth along the way.

As quoted from Spartacus Educational:

"He always wanted to be a great manipulator behind the scenes... He had grandiose ideas. He would have liked to have been a little William Randolph Hearst, because he got into very much of a newspaper broker position." -Welly Kennon Hopkins Texas politician 

Charles partnered with Eugene Pulliam in 1930, purchasing 23 newspapers located in 7 different states, establishing General Newspapers Incorporated. This is how Mr. Marsh began to accumulate his wealth. 

Charles E. Marsh

In 1931, Marsh met Alice Glass, and everything in his life changed. In most dramatic ways. 

“Marsh met the nineteen-year old Alice Glass in the summer of 1931. According to Jennet Conant: "The first time Charles Marsh saw her, she was stark naked, a pale, shimmering goddess rising unexpectedly from the mists of his Austin swimming pool... Almost six foot in her bare feet, she was slim, graceful, and startlingly beautiful with delicate features, wide-set blue eyes, and strawberry-blond hair that cascaded past her shoulders." Apparently, the following morning, he woke up in bed with Alice and told her: "You are not for Austin, Texas, little girl."  

Alice Glass

When Marsh asked his wife for a divorce, she refused him. She also threatened to file suit against him for violating the Mann Act. This posed a problem because she was a minor at the time who he had taken across state lines and began a sexual relationship with showing intent of “immoral purposes.” He had also set her up in an apartment in New York City.

Marsh responded by “telling her that if the case went to court he would reveal intimate details of their sex life: "The choice is hers," Marsh told her attorneys. "Does she want me in public court, so testifying - or do you gentlemen care to advise her to stop with this whole silly business and keep our private lives to ourselves?" Leona Marsh agreed to settle and he got his divorce.”

Marsh began to lavish expensive clothes & jewelry on his new mistress, Alice Glass. Before long, he divorced his wife and built a new home & life in Virginia for himself & Alice. The new house he built in Virginia for Alice was named Longlea.   


According to Jennet Conant, "Longlea was set on a thousand acres in the northern Virginia hunt country, was named for the eighteenth-century Sussex manor house on which it was modeled, but it could have been named for its setting. The roads towards it, toward its blue-slate roof and its great chimneys that rose above the soft Virginia hills, led across long, rolling meadows, and the meadows before it were nothing to the meadow behind it.”

Arnold Genthe, photographer for Vanity Fair, considered Longlea the “most beautiful place” he’d ever seen and requested his ashes be scattered on the property.   

The article goes on to say:

“Marsh loaned Richardson $30,000 and this was invested in drilling operations in Winkler County in Texas. In 1935 he discovered oil in what became known as the Keystone Field. Marsh split the profits with Richardson, who used the remaining money to drill up to 80 wells in the Keystone Field, allowing him to repay his debts.”

“Marsh and Alice were both strong supporters of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal. They were close friends with people on the left of the Democratic Party. This included Henry A. Wallace, who was Secretary of Agriculture in the Roosevelt administration and Claude Pepper, the leading progressive in the Senate who was known as "Red Pepper". Wallace used to try out his visionary ideas on Alice and recorded in his diary that "she seems to be the only person with enough imagination to know what I am talking about."  

Interestingly, Mr. Marsh backed Lyndon B. Johnson in 1936. LBJ is known as the “New Dealer,” so Mr. Marsh orders his papers to back Mr. Johnson, in Austin’s 10th Congressional District election. Mr. Marsh liked that Lyndon B. Johnson always made time for him, even on short notice.  

 “Harold Young,The author of The Years of Lyndon Johnson: The Path to Power (1982) has argued: "Marsh liked to pontificate; Johnson drank in what he was saying, and told him how perceptive he was. Marsh liked to give advice; Johnson not only seemed to be accepting it, he asked for more. Marsh had become fascinated by politics; he wanted to feel he was on the inside of that exciting game.”   

In July 1937, Mr. Marsh & Ms. Glass, arrived in Europe where they heard Adolf Hitler speak and witnessed the effect his policies had on racial minorities. They also met Erich Leinsdorf during this time, who was a Musician, during the Saltzburg Music Festival.

Erich Leinsdorf arrived in the United States in 1938. The Metropolitan Opera in New York City offered him a temporary position as assistant conductor. Upon conclusion of his employment, he went to stay with Charles & Alice at Longlea. 

 "It was a large farm, dominated by a magnificent house... with eighteen servants, over whom a German butler and his wife, a superlative cook, held sway."- Erich Leinsdorf 

Marsh & Leinsdorf arrived at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. Marsh requested Lyndon B Johnson to meet them there.

"A lanky young man appeared. He treated Charles with the informal courtesy behooving a youngster toward an older man to whom he is in debt." -Erich Leinsdorf 

Johnson then arranged for Leinsdorf to become a "permanent resident" of the United States.”

Lyndon B. Johnson

From an article by Spartacus Education on Lyndon B. Johnson:

“Lady Bird Johnson acknowledged the help that Marsh provided to her husband. She told Philip Kopper, the author of Anonymous Giver: A life of Charles E. Marsh (2000): "Charles Marsh had what I truly believe was an affectionate interest in enlarging Lyndon's life.”   

During the campaign in 1938, Marsh agreed to pay Lyndon B. Johnson $5,000 a week. It was during this time that Marsh’s mistress, Alice Glass, began an affair with Lyndon B Jonson. 

“ According to Mary Louise she wanted to marry Johnson. He was in a difficult position as in the 1930s a divorced man would be effectively barred from a political career. Johnson considered taking up a job as a corporate lobbyist in Washington. Alice rejected this idea as she considered he had the potential to become president of the United States.”-Mary Louise Glass  

And just to remind you Mr. Marsh, who was Mr. Pettie’s mentor, had a mistress named Alice, who then had an affair with Lyndon B. Johnson, yet Mr. Marsh is the one who campaigned for LBJ, therefore getting LBJ elected to Congress. Confused yet? What about personal favors? Bribes? Covert connections & JFK? 

From the article on Charles E. Marsh:

“On 14th July, 1939: "Put Mr. Charles Marsh down for an appointment with the President on Wednesday. Mr. Marsh is the owner of a large string of papers supporting the President in Texas." Marsh decided to take this opportunity to introduce Roosevelt to his new protégé, Lyndon B. Johnson.” “In late 1939 Marsh discovered that Alice was having an affair with Johnson.” 

Johnson apologized and swore that he would end the affair, so Marsh forgave him. Eventually, Alice & Charles did marry, in the early 1940’s. They moved to Washington where they purchased a stately house on R Street in DuPont Circle. The wealth, influence & drama that Charles & Alice brought with them wherever they went was intriguing. No expense was spared, no favor too big when it came to the Marshes in Washington.

“Senior political figures frequented there such as Henry A. Wallace, Claude Pepper, Jesse H. Jones, Henry Morgenthau, Drew Pearson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Walter Lippmann, Walter Winchell and Ralph Ingersoll. Another frequent guest was Creekmore Fath, a young lawyer working for the President Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.”   

In the area of Washington DC, everyone came over to Marsh’s place to exchange food & rumors. Charles hired the best staff & chefs in the area to entertain on such a grand scale. Alice loved being doted on and Charles loved doting on her. They loved the power of influence they wielded in DC.

"Having already made his fortune, Marsh, like many men of means, wanted to contribute to the war effort and had decided to put himself at the disposal of thee government. A dedicated New Dealer, he had come to town with the idea that he could put his big money and big personality to work for the Roosevelt administration, camping out alternately at the Mayflower Hotel and at the house of the construction magnate George Brown, before purchasing a stately four-story town house at 2136 R Street in Dupont Circle. 

He quickly turned the elegant nineteenth-century mansion into a well-financed Democratic political salon, where various cabinet members, senators, financiers, and important journalists could count on a good meal and stimulating conversation in the news-starved town. Over time prominent New Dealers came to regard Marsh's white sandstone mansion, with its Palladian windows and Parisian-style wrought-iron grillwork, as their private clubhouse and used it as a cross between a think tank and a favorite watering hole".- Jennet Conant, the author of The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington (2008).

"According to Charles Marsh, Roosevelt is the most skillful politician this country has ever had. Charles has absolutely no respect for Roosevelt as a man but as a politician he thinks Roosevelt has remarkable ability and that he is a great asset for the world, that he has done great good and probably will do even greater good."- Henry A. Wallace   

Alice would go on to have many more affairs. Marsh, in his anger, would carry on his own affairs with her sister, Mary Louise and his secretary, Claudia Haines. Eventually this marriage would end too.

From an article on Ralph Ingersoll

“At a formal dinner, he was as apt to discuss his erections as he was to expound on Einstein's theory. His non-stop conversation varied from the profane to the profound, and there is no evidence that he ever considered anything about himself secret." - Ralph Ingersoll    

Ralph Ingersoll

Marsh & Claudia Haines were married in 1953. Shortly after, Marsh contracted a grave form of malaria from a mosquito bite. 

"By the time the doctor arrived, he was near death. Marsh refused to let go. Although he rallied, the high fevers, followed by a series of devastating strokes that damaged his brain. He was never again able to speak more than a few words. To see such a dynamic force struck down broke Dahl's heart."- Jennet Conant   

Charles Edward Marsh died December 30, 1964. 

"Where are Sam (Rayburn) and Charles now, when I need them."- Lyndon B Johnson    

This quote was given by LBJ on November 23, 1963…(the day after the assassination of JFK & LBJ swearing in as the 36th president)...Johnson requested the presidential limousine stop at the home of Charles Marsh en route to the White House, there was no answer at Marsh’s home.  

John F. Kennedy

I’m still working on a list of names...of who is who? But you literally can’t make this stuff up; connecting the dots between names of people involved in the same occult practices, strange behaviors & this dark web of crimes against humanity.

What do most of these people have in common?

Wealth (They always have money thus called the “elite”)

Inappropriate/deviant sex practices or desires

(especially pedophilia)

Practice of Occult teachings & beliefs

Practice of Blood rituals

(including cannibalism & human sacrifices)

Use/Application of Mind Control techniques

Practice of Pagan rituals

(usually around solstices & equinoxes)

Practice of Satanism

(in some form or fashion)

And this is just to name a few….