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Black Shepherd Games is an independent video game development studio. We supplement our work with various forms of video content to document the progression of our work, stream games with our followers, and create unique on-line video content.
local_offer#gaming#Streaming#gamedevelopment UPDATES! YourBoyfriend: Day 1 is done just in time to keep you company for the mass quarantines. And now that we at BSG have nothing but time in confinement, more interesting content is inbound as well! Subscribe Today! ► Follow Us on Twitch ► Get YourBoyfriend: Day 1 ► Help BSG on Patreon ►
The overconfident coward, LaughingMan, and a heckling WalkingDeadpan play the Resident Evil 3 REmake Demo on an apocalyptic-themed gaming night (ie: habitual social distancing). #residentevil3 #re3 #gaming #twitch #coronavirus
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