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Notations on my journey through the ups and downs of life....

Just wanna share interest about nature. "There is pleasure in the path less woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and the music in its roar; I love not Man less, but Nature more."​ Lord Byron

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I stand for freedom for all people, equality and health. We must protect our Sacred Earth and sustain life for the next generation. I love nature, animals and sustainable living. Anarchist at heart. We will be free once again!

Hi there, I'm Karen, the founder of Crystal Angel Therapies by Karen....previously known as Crystal Angel Energy Healing. In 2017 I left behind a Medical/Scientific Laboratory career and retrained in more holistic and metaphysical interests after a rude awakening and a long dark night of the soul. My journey helped me completely overcome PTSD which had been wrongly diagnosed as anxiety, depression, night terrors, insomnia and O.C.D over the course of a decade🥰 My skill set includes: 🌹Certified Consciousness Creator 🌹Certified Mindfulness Life Coach 🌹Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master 🌹Priestess Numerologist 🌹Druidess In Training Featured in the book "The Art of Being Here and Now" by Rewire Hub 🙏

My Email address: [email protected] My Channel Established March 1, 2021 Hello, I am Marsha Jean and I have made it a point to enjoy my life to the fullest. Some of my most common questions from fans are, what are my hobby's? Hobby's: Certified P.A.D.I. Master Diver with many other Certifications getting to my Master Certification. C.I.A. [Culinary Institute of America] Chef I'm a Shooter - Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Reloader, small arms tactical trainer. Survival and Evasion Trainer Gyroplane Pilot Performance Bicycling - Fat Tire, Cross Country, through the woods Retired Glamor Model: Former Page 3 Model, Ralph Lauren model, Softcore adult model, including: Penthouse, Playboy, Playboy Plus, Mayfair, Gent, Oui, Legs, Boobs and several others. I am also a Retired Business Executive. I held down a full time business career and modeled at the same time. more later... Marsha Jean Thank You ALL for Your continued support of My Channel! @Hinyho1111 @jareichen @Timothy1966 @agnusdei02 @jimmy55 @papajo @fultonr @papajo @papajo @papajo @McPsycho81 @Huisukelk @Prophet69 @Horny1111 @Hinyho1111 @jeffsrwright @Titus @Huisukelk @ChemTrailsMN @Jeffrey Scott Morgan's Music @Kealoha2u Watchdog20 @Meinhair @wiciur @MDG1776 @hayen808 @Fulton @fultonr @TimErnst23 @TimErnst23 @GiovanniGee @PARADISECHANNEL @McPsycho8 @RandomSomeone @wiciur @Demosai/GlennHolmgren @Davesnothere @MichaelBobman @ChemTrailsMN @OneOffDose @jerrykimbro @EMZTsInfamous @JoeDirty @JoeDirty. @wiciur @Timothy966 @oballz @jerrykimbr @IlMentore @Demosai/GlennHolmgren @wiciur @McPsycho8 @Nobody @Nobody @ArtificialIntellect @MotorCityJ @StephenMckenna0 @MotorCityJ @CheshiredGrin @JihadCountermeasures @RandomSomeone @NathanLam @nmc44 @TVMA_LSV @danzillawhite @danzillawhite @danzillawhite @KJphotography @JihadCountermeasures @Demosai @jeffsrwright @jeffsrwright @jeffsrwright @jeffsrwright @jeffsrwright @TheGrandestInquisitor @TheGrandestInquisitor @sorearm @Timothy966 @Breach @jerrykimbro @Alternative_Everything @Huisukelk @Huisukelk @elf69er @jeffsrwright @jeffsrwright @plumbertom @Joker_SATX @jeffsrwright @jeffsrwright @TheGrandestInquisitor @StephenMckenna0 @artcarnage @Joker_SATX @TimErnst @TimErnst @Huisukelk @memoryhole @McPsycho8 @Huisukelk @prophet696 @Horny @Hinyho @jeffsrwright

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