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We Włoszech muzułmanie stanowią zaledwie 2,5% mieszkańców i jednocześnie 37% więżniów. W Szwajcarii gdzie jest bardzo wysoka praca minimalna 90% muzułmanów nie pracuje mimo, że są dla nich wolne etaty. W Danii muzułmanów jest zaledwie 5% i taka mała garstka ludzi jednocześnie pobiera 40% wszystkich świadczeń socjalnych.

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Original cartoons whenever I get around to it.

Abolish The Education Systems Of The West. All Are Marxist Temples Of Dogma.

Undocumented Kekistani currently hiding in Canuckistan. Many thanks to the following supporters! 50+ Tokens @crackingtrack43 10+ Tokens: @Kitch23 @Marketoff @BluePaw 5+ Tokens: @GGeronimo @BluePaw 1+ Tokens: @TheStrike @KEK_Freedom @Phynster @TheStrike @deadmoroz @Sonic132 @Jim270 @breadmoth @YoSniper @breadmoth @KEK_Freedom @Classic_Realism @SeanL3prechaun @NoahNicholson @AllOfMyLifebwtime @WesternSpirit @IndianaJames Part of a Token: @Uncensored007 And most of all, thanks to ALL of you for the comments, likes and reminds!

Just a simple man living in the United States of Merica

"The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot." Werner Herzog Mission Statement: I will strive to publish a new photograph each day, but never more than that. It is an arbitrary self-imposed constraint whose purpose is to create an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. You may purchase a growing yet limited NFT collection of my work (23 copies each, ofc!) at: Flickr:[email protected]/ Instagram: Purchase a print of my work at:

Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Knowledge, Sustainability, Freedom, Understanding, Rationality, Humility, Kindness, Compassion, Virtue, Acceptance I come bearing gifts. Please share my gifts with those in need! The list above is all I have to give. I am just a humble girl. I am nobody. #Art #Love #Glow #Light #Photo

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