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I am a musician and I play guitar,mandolin,harmonica,and I love to sing. I'm a fan of live music especially acoustic blues and groovy folk.I don't like Hip Hop,feminist,and SJWs!
Netizen with an interest in current events. Not the droid you're looking for. Se habla español ocasionalmente. Currently getting my masters in "Dad Jokeology"
"Oh Vey! Remember the Six Gorrillian!" - Shlomo Shekelbergstein - Proud National Socialist - Anti-Semitic - Anti-Multiculturalist - Anti-Racist Editor and Spokesman for the National Political Institute of Education: Disclaimer: I am a National Socialist, not a Neo-Nazi thug. I do not parade the streets with a shiny bald head yelling "White Power" at the top of my lungs. Unlike the Neo-Nazi's, I do not care what race you are. Whether you be black, brown, Asian or spacemonkey - as long as you do not threaten my nation and people - I will welcome you with open arms. Best Wishes, Utopia
we all say we know the answer, but do we understand the question?
Swiss anarchist philosopher & Satirist Writer #flocktominds
British student - political dissident. The edgy side of current affairs, philosophy, and economics. #allspeechisfreespeech
I am a creator. Love Earth & live forever.
Too late to explore the globe, too soon to explore space; I'll have to settle for everywhere in between.
Hi, I'm the Cosmic Paddlefish. I'm currently attending a University, studying Marine Biology. My university is less regressive than most, mainly because it is so heavily focused on STEM it might as well be a technical school. My overall political views change all of the time, and at this point I consider myself a Cultural Libertarian, Men's Rights Activist, Conservationist, Center-Right, and a fanatic defender of freedom of expression and civil liberties.
Skeptical Analytical Open-minded Individualistic
Sep 2016
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