Hey there new fren. A bit about me.... I was born into a fundamentalist religious cult and was excommunicated in 2002. I swung from extreme conservatism to (inadvertantly) the far left by association and an overreaction from my past and spent most of the last 10 years married to a progressive woman. ALOT changed in the last two years and now I am looking for temporance... a middle/right ground (since the left seems to have moved the goal posts so far over). I'm no longer associated with the left as they have clearly lost their sanity. I've changed my views and my lifestyle. I share a bit of news here and reflections, pics of my pets and experiences or topics of interest to me such as humanities origins, off world unexplained phenomena, prepping interests, human behavior, comical memes and I attempt to make connections with people here. I'm a mother to a young adult daughter who still lives with me and I manage a small motel in a tiny tourist town on the WA coast. I guess that's all for now.😉