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The Importance Of Fellowshipping With Others In Church

bestfellowshipchurchNov 7, 2019, 1:37:21 PM

For Christians, fellowship is such an essential and important part of their faith. It is during this time that the Christians gather to support one another. The experience also allows room for learning, gaining strength, and also a time to remind one another about the greatness of God.

When we fellowship together in the church, we get a picture of who God is. When Christians come together, it portrays the grace of God in each of their lives. Christians get to remind each other that no matter their sins, the grace of God is sufficient for them all. Since everyone has their spiritual gifts, when they finally come together and fellowship, it is like all these gifts come together to demonstrate who God is. During the fellowship, Christians also appreciate their differences and the fact that they need one another. Everyone thus feels important as part of the church.

At the same time, fellowship helps us to grow stronger. No matter the point at which we are in our faith, we need more strength every day. Being with other believers always provides us with the chance and opportunity to learn from one another. This way, they support each other and grow in faith. When we come together this way in church, we get to restore our faiths after days of serving God and going through various challenges.

In addition, fellowshipping together in the church helps to provide Christians with encouragement. Even for Christians, it is normal to have those bad days and moments. It could be difficult situations such as loss of a loved one or a job, money issues, failed exams, or faith crisis. At such a time, it is very essential to be in the company of other Christians. By fellowshipping together, everyone can get encouraged and lifted to keep their faith strong even during the time of difficulties and challenges.

Through coming together, Christians get to share and assist others in the healing process.

Fellowshipping together in the church also helps us to remember that we are not alone in the journey. By coming together during fellowships, we get to meet other Christians. This way, we are reminded that we are not alone in the Christianity journey. Meeting other believers in church is amazing, and it makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.

As well, by fellowshipping together in church and realizing that we are one community, it further helps us to grow. We also get to learn more through sharing and reading the Bible.