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Control Of Pests Done On Trees

BellaHughesJan 10, 2019, 3:08:14 PM

Insects that are harmful to both crops and animals are the pests. Plants are eventually made weak since the pests take away the nutrients of the plants. Pest infestation are prone to certain areas. The produce gotten from these areas is not up to standard hence great losses are incurred. This causes great rejection in the market since the produce do not meet the specifications of the customers. Chemical or biological methods are used in controlling pests. Various pests that are prone to different areas are being researched on by the research institutions that have been put up. In order for the research institutions to estimate the number of pests in given areas they have to do very keen analysis that normally take a long period of time. Well trained people are employed by these institutions and they have great experience in identifying and dealing with pests. 

Pests are eradicated from tree plantations by use of other animals that feed on these small pests in biological control. Since this method is environmental friendly the air is not polluted. In these plantations the animals have to be in a position to feed on the pests and also be adapted to the environment. Proper selection of these animals has to be done in order to ensure that the aim of eradicating the pests is met.

Chemical method of pest eradication can be used when the biological method is not effective. Different types of pests have specific chemicals that are manufactured to help in pest eradication. Each chemical has a specific pest that it eradicates hence it is important to consider the type of pest that you are eradicating before you can purchase a chemical. These chemicals have to be used in the right proportions in order to achieve best results. The manufacturer gives the instructions on how best to use the chemicals on the containers.

As compared to the biological method, the chemical method has an advantage of fast action. A couple of disadvantages are experienced despite this advantage. Air pollution is caused by these chemicals due to the production of fumes hence these chemicals are not environmentally friendly. If safe handling of these chemicals is not done, then the people handling them can get poisoning or burns from these chemicals. The chemicals should be handled by people who are well trained and are very cautious in the handling process for this reason. The cost of these chemicals is very high hence most people find it hard to acquire them. The purchase of generic chemicals causes the results to be very unappealing. Pest control in tree plantation is very crucial and key interests have to be put in this sector. Check out for Monterey tree services and pest control services.