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Envy - Poem

BasilBasedPestoSep 15, 2022, 7:13:29 PM

The chapped lips of unquenched love,

leave lover's quarrels in its wake.

If one loves the other, but themselves not enough,

then loathe, their love, will surely take.


Apparating gazes, seldom truly seen,

encroach on the love for the self unloved's dream.

A vicious defence, rashly enacted, 

the unwitting partner struck,

left maimed and retracted.


In a field a plant is sown,

its roots grow deep, they know no low.

In a pot a plant is placed,

there is no freedom for those encased.


After a time, a lover awakes.

The eyes of the others, they no longer hate.

A lover they aren't as their love they cannot see.

The lover they potted, never grew, into a tree.