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Election comment: A fairer format for TV debates

basil_hallwardDec 11, 2019, 5:22:25 PM

Politicians should face lie detector tests (picture via slate.com )

Because I post here on Minds in my own right, under a pseudonym to avoid branding conflicts, few people who use the site are aware I am editor - in - chief of Greenteeth Digital Publishing. My boss and CEO (that's Chief Ectoplasmic Officer,)  of the company, the folk demon Jenny Greenteeth has been watching the election coverage and Game of Thones avidly and in one of her rare contributions to our output offers some thoughts on complaints that the participants in the TV debates have been less than honest. Over to Jenny:

Faced with the prospect of Jeremy or BoJo I have been following the TV debates and political programs, Question Time, Andrew Marr etc.

Having listened intently to a wide range of our politicians I would like to share my ideas on how political discussion and debate should be formatted in future.

Get all the politicians wired up to lie detectors (there are plenty of redundant machines about now Jeremy Kyle has been taken off the air.)

Every time the politicos waffle, avoid the question or downright lie the audience get to nominate a part of their body to be cut off.

The one with the most bodyparts left at the end of their allotted time gets to be PM …… although we know whoever wins it will be a dick that moves into 10 Downing Street.

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