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Community Manager @ Minds For Minds related information see @info If you wanna book a call, head to @Bashynx - Fun stuff @Bashy - More serious stuff @PuppysDen - Account for Lizzy photos and videos
I post photography, art, recipes and anything I feel like. It's a more serious alt for @bashynx . Doggo account @puppysden Hubby @arebowe PFP & header taken by @ishiyo
I'm so critical of my own work that it's difficult for me to disassociate myself and watch it as an audience...
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I'm a curious writer who believes in free thought, reason & exchange of ideas as the path forward. Past bylines in WashPost, Wired, Newsweek, Esquire, Guardian, Variety, Mashable, Playboy, Vulture, etc. I'm interested in culture, tech, travel, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, etc. My substack is:
private everyday Chanel more focused on 3d printing, memes, Warhammer and other everyday stuff photography channel : @ishiyo
A channel for cute doggos Lizzy and Alma. Owner - @bashynx (@bashy) And also @arebowe
I like cars. Wife: @bashy / @bashynx Dog: @puppysden Banner by @ishiyo
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Jun 2022
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