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Basedshibe but on minds. Weapons and Waifus
Shitposting weeb. I like watching sports and playing vidya. I entered Twitter Valhalla years ago for calling people retarded.
I just wanted to be racist and post anime girls
Trying to figure this site out. Waifus, Guns, Anime, Vidya, Hololive etc.
Banned from twitter, here to make frens i guess. no boomers allowed Discord: Cammy#4599 Instagram: animefriendo Poast: Cammy
hi I post anime, games, nsfw stuff and any combination of those three. sometimes politics when I'm bored. banned on Gab and blocked by their Twitter pfp by @cogafire minors dni
You know exactly who
I'm just trying to live a happy and healthy life on this spiritually barren wasteland of a planet.
Shitposting tdoll queen~! All in all I'm pretty based~
BroKENMan. I love my wife ST AR-15. Update: I shouldn't have to clarify this. I don't like loli, and I don't like the actions of people who are false reporting. You cannot put in enough work online to make me hate you, and the only groups of people I would generally dislike are the ones that openly hate mine.
Chonky snek,nero and shuten lover Make sure to have a great time!~
guess im here now too
Friend and ally of all true weebs and gamers the world over. Victim of the Twitter apocalypse 2/26/21 nvr 4 get the fallen! T-doll/Boatgirl rights advocate and #1 WA2K/Taihou stan NA. GFL UID: 295401 AL UID: 6216271 - If full ask me and I'll make space if possible for my mutuals.
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Jan 2021
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