Baroness 馃敒
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Politically homeless chaotic neutral femboy, lives mentally in 1949 in the insane world of 2021, lover of anime, gaming, anything retro and totally sick of divisive politics being shoved down our throats. Twitter and TikTok are the destroyers of civilization.

Annalise/Annie | 19 | Christian | Weeb | Game Developer | Twitter Refugee Opinions are my own, but usually I'm shitposting Add me on Guilded to DM me

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Chris, Former Games Media Writer & Founder of GamesNosh (Site Retired) - Got a real job & can now speak freely. 30 Y/O Boomer of the United Kingdom. Not Just Games.


I'm stuck in the internet and can't get out, so I might as well make the best of it.

Adult content and offensive jokes 18 + Only. Message me for art prices.

Gamer Girl and Self-Taught Artist who loves to draw and play LaTale and other PC games in her free time. Mains Pop Star, Der Freischutz, and Savior (Currently Templar Knight for now).

Jennifer D'aww Character Artist and World Designer

loaf/馃帳 and 馃幐 for TEACH (more projects soon)/musician person/i like cute animals and HM-2's/bring me your cute women and femboys

21 year old autist that likes Blue Moon and Dos Equis @Sparkpoodle1 on twitter this site is way better Can't find a header

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Jan 2021
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