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Drummer Dan
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I am a professional musician by trade. I started working in the entertainment business many years ago as a writer/interviewer for Global Entertainment Magazine and soon started producing my own show doing album reviews and interviews for an FM radio station from Las Vegas. After a number of years I decided to start my own Indie Rock radio station online. Antisocial Network Radio... We did very well and broadcast to 186 countries around the world. A couple of years ago my best friend and co-host Trevor Duffin passed away suddenly and I had no choice but to shut down the station. This is the only social page I have kept because of the great people I’ve met on here. I have been on kind of a personal quest to get in touch with myself and the world around me ever since. I like to laugh and enjoy the beautiful things in life and my spiritual posts are only meant to inspire myself and hopefully to connect with like minded individuals. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Co-founder Minds, Inc.

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trust in God believe in him he will save you

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