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A Quick Guide to Help Adjust Your MOD and How this Affects Your Workers’ Comp as an Employer

BaileyJoshuaNov 20, 2019, 5:11:00 PM

When it comes to workers compensation insurances, the one issue that has proved to be a concern to all is the premiums that they will have to pay for the cover. By and large, the last year saw a staggering $45 billion and over paid in premiums by business to the insurance companies to service their workers comp plans and this is not including the much that were paid to the state workers comp plans and funds, clearly showing high figures going into these plans from businesses.

This, the workers compensation insurance plan, is a must for all businesses all over the United States. The premiums that a business will pay for the plan is a percentage of the payroll and the premiums are calculated on the basis of risk levels. In this what is coming out as clearly is that the workers compensation calculation is a flat percentage rate per $100 of the projected payroll and the claims experience of the business plus other factors will come into play to affect that percentage at the end of the day. The mods in most cases are determined by the company’s previous injury claims as it is often the case with most companies. Check this out - https://www.teamais.net/blog/what-is-a-good-emr-rating-your-guide-to-understanding-your-emr-score

By and large, any insurance broker, of course one as sensitive as they ought to be to the needs of a business like yours, will understand and fully appreciate the fact of the need that you have to pay the lowest possible premiums on this must coverage plan that your business has to provide for. As a result of this, most brokers have been in the habit of competing on low bids. Sad though is the fact that for the insurance brokers who make this their only focus often miss out on the chance to educate the employers on the impact that mods have on their insurance premiums at the end of the day. Over and above this, most of such insurance brokers who take such a route as well fail to educate the employers on how taking such steps to lower their mod via steps such as safety improvement in the workplace, hiring and return to work and the other areas as well help in lowering their workers’ comp costs at the end of the day.

Generally, as a brokerage we do appreciate the fact that as a business you are in it for the sake of your bottom line and you want to have the healthiest bottom line at the end of the day and it is for this reason that we give below some quick tips on how you can get to improve and boost it as much as you can by taking a look at your mod and how it affects your workers compensation premiums. But all said and done, one thing that you need to acknowledge going forward is that your mod, the experience modification factor, is such a central component in the calculation of your workers comp premiums and for this reason, it is one thing that you should be as particular with. If you wish to gather more info, please view here!

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