Variety is the spice of life! Likes, Comments, Reminds, and Tokens are always appreciated. I will like, comment, remind, follow, and tip as I can. If I like, remind, remind, or tip it is only an endorsement of the post, it isn't necessarily an endorsement of the channel or person posting. I will unfollow as needed if my feed gets filled with too much of any type of content or if I wildly disagree with a channel's opinions. I Like The following (they will all show up on my feed at some point in time) Drawings Paintings Comics Animation Anime Women I find attractive Music Cosplay Men that I think look cool Mechanics 3d Prints Neat Science And More... Personal Guiding Principle of Life: Don't steal, and if you do, do your best to make amends. That being said I appreciate when people are conscientious and considerate of others. I like the underlying principles of Minds and would love to see it grow and have people have a platform to discuss, exchange, and constructively argue their ideas, principles, feelings, and content. I do not hate other platforms, from my point of view every platform offers something that can be learned from good and bad. That being said, I am migrating all content exclusively to Minds. 3D Lead for TV and Movies 2D animator/illustrator Paint/Draw/3D Model/Sculpt for fun and practice
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