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The Public Site Records

backgroundrecordsguideJul 15, 2018, 7:59:49 AM

Public records are databases that store information of any format whether paper, photographic, film, sound, electronic information that is not considered to be confidential. Public records include different pieces of information which will include, marriage records, divorce records, death and birth records, credit information, criminal records, alien records and many others.

Due to the necessity of information to the public, governments will create public sites to give clear-cut information and data for its citizens. These sites will either be free or be fee-based. The free public sites often have limited information and maybe slow due to internet traffic. However, the fee-based sites will be very fast and will even allow you to get summary data in the form of document images. You will also be able to download the data from these sites. However, to view the records, you will have to request to be given a chance to view them.

There are a number of websites one can use to get alot of information, most of them are free while others are not. One of these sites is google. It will give you general information. You can as well go further to use google phonebook which will give addresses, mobile numbers for the home and work.

Another public site record is Zabasearch. It gives names, phone numbers, addresses as well as birth dates for the searches made.

Other sites that one can look for these records are yellow pages, white pages, and toll-free directories. You can also use Internet 800 Directory which can give you the name of a product or service. One can also tell whether a professional is dully licensed. For example, for medical doctors, you can check in the Medical Practitioners Retention officer site. GoLookUp is one of the best when it comes to conducting a public search.

Phonebooks such as correct caller will be able to give information of an individual based on their phone number. Truecaller can provide their address and photo.

Public Site records can be helpful to trace a missing individual in an obituary site. The obituary list will give information on the death of someone. A state can be able to calculate death indexes and also be able to make reports on the causes of death of individuals. Read more here!

Every country is required to give information about all criminal offenders. Employers often use these sites to do background checks before offering jobs to an individual. These records also heavily assist the security agencies to do background checks on criminals and terrorists. This has the benefit of aiding these security agencies to avert criminal occurrences in the future when they capture these criminals. 

Read more on this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_records.