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Hello I'm Eiko Oowie the white owl and my companion miemie still refugee of the new website i make my own achievements goals to posting fanart, brush illustrations training course online class to make newest art blogs, non twitter artist related. Main Fandoms : Future Card Buddyfight, BattleSpirits (Batosupi), Shinkalion, Megaton Kyuu Musashi, Cap Kakumei Bottleman / Dx (Bmdx), Pad x / Puzzdra, Shadowverse / Flame, Herobank / Herobank 2, Rich Police Cash, Mazica Party, Yugioh Sevens / Go Rush , mega man / rockman (mmx / mmz / rmx), Space Time Police, Bucchigire, Logical Shino (LogiKing). BattleSpirits (Batosupi) & Cap Revolution Bottleman dx (Bmdx) yume log : YukiElisa and Kotakazumi, NobuEloise, PonUta CitSeika. I'm don't support nft / ai art Kids anime & Shounen both Mewe Eiko Oowie 🦉 Discord Eiko.Owie #0504 FB Eiko.Owie / IG ella.dharmawan Mastodon ella_123 / Pinterest Ella Dharmawan Art Station Eiko Owie / Pixiv Eiko.Oowie #Eiko_Owieocs #Eiko_Owieart #Eiko_Owiemicin #Eiko_Owienews #Eiko_Owiefandom #Eiko_OwieCM #Eiko_Owiegifs #Eiko_OwieAu #Eiko_Owiebjd #Eiko_Owiefigurin #Eiko_Owieactivity #Eiko_Owiegaming #Eiko_Owieredesign #Eiko_OwieProkerala #Eiko_Owiereunion #Eiko_support #yumelokalgalley #yumejoshi
The Untold Tale
Former gamer, alcohol and pornography addict to Healer. You can do it to! I can help people of all ages who may be suffering with these perceived “illnesses”.
human resource manager,poet and an artist
6.2 feet tall, chocolate in complextion. Gamer
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Oct 2021
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