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Aspects To Consider When Constructing Wheelchair Ramps

awheelchairrampguideSep 6, 2018, 12:17:37 AM

The wheelchair ramps are becoming very crucial in most of the buildings to make it possible for those people who are disabled and are using wheelchairs to have access to the building. It is important that the wheelchair ramps for home be stable enough and safe for use. The wheelchair should be slip resistant.

There are plenty of people who make use of wheelchair ramps mostly because they cannot remain standing for a long period. The wheelchair ramps are inclining planes which facilitate those who make use of wheelchairs to access the place they want to go to. There are several elements that should be contemplated when constructing a wheelchair ramp.

To begin with, consider the functionality of the ramp. People have different types of disability. During the construction of the ramps, one should have in mind the various disabilities that people have so that the ramp is designed to work in their favour. Most of the disabled people make use of the ramps in various capacities, for instance, getting in and out of vehicles, in the buildings or any other place they want to have access to. It is very crucial to have in mind the needs of these disabled people when constructing the wheelchair ramps.

Consider the size of the ramp. You can determine the kind of ramp size you require by measuring the length of distance to be covered. The sloppy or hilly areas need different sizes of the ramps. The size of the ramp will determine the kind of wheelchair one is using.

Consider the type of the ramp. There are different types of wheelchair ramps, for instance, portable and wooden. The portable ramps can be carried around by the use. They are very strong and make going to a new place much simpler. Consider the weather conditions of the place that the wheelchair ramps will be located. If the place experience rain now and then, it is crucial that to ensure that the person using the ramp will not slide. This can be achieved by installing a slip-resistant floor.

Consider the cost of the constructing the wheelchair ramps. This will be determined by the kind of materials that will be used during the construction as well as how much the ramp construction expert will charge for the construction services.

There are laws that are meant to protect those who use wheelchairs when ramps are being installed.  Discover more

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