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The Many Benefits of Using Waterjet Cutting Machines

awaterjetcuttingmachinesSep 12, 2018, 12:08:51 AM

For a more precise cutting method that you can ever imagine, you should be making use of omax jetmachining centre. It seems that more and more manufacturers, model shops, architects, and machine shops are using these water jet cutting systems to slice metal accordingly. And yet, you need to have some training done using computerized systems and know how to operate and program these waterjet cutting machines properly. Nevertheless, the need to learn these machines is still increasing owing to the fact that its use is becoming on demand in various industries.

The whole process of waterjet cutting is akin to erosion that is machine-operated. The process often begins with using s small stream of water and pushing it into a small nozzle using pressure that is very high. The nozzle can go as small as 0.010 inches and the pressure could be 900 mph plus. During the 1970s, the use of waterjet cutting machines for commercial purposes came to be where cardboards were first cut accordingly. In the present, besides cardboards, the use of waterjet cutting machines is intended to cut foams, plastic, sealants, and various other soft materials.

Only in the year 1980s where these waterjet cutting machines have been utilized for abrasive cutting. The abrasive waterjet cutting machines utilized a coarse substance such as garnet as well as water to do the cutting. The additional use of other components like a metering device, a garnet hopper, and a mixing chamber is necessary for abrasive cutting to take place among various hard materials like aluminum, brass, copper, ceramic, glass, steel, stone, and quartz. You can see these materials from art pieces as well as industrial gears.

Here are some of the many benefits of using waterjet cutting machines that you should know about.

Having heat affected zones is a no-no when it comes to using these water jet cutting systems. The use of traditional machinery means the use of a lot of heat. Once the heat coming from the equipment will go to your product material, their properties and structure will be warped, altered, and melted. This is not something that you can get from your product when you have it made using waterjet cutting machines.

Another benefit to using waterjet cutting machines is that the jet does not overheat and gets dull. To prevent unwanted harm or injuries on the part of the operator, such a machine has some safety measure that will allow dropping at safe water pressure levels as necessary and automatically. Furthermore, these waterjet cutting servives are incapable of producing harmful particles or dust when the process of cutting is being done. Precision cutting is another benefit to the use of these machines with their built-in features.  

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