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How To Endrun and Exploit Facebook's SUPER SCARY MESSAGE Preventing You From Posting Things From Minds.com --Updated

authorpendragonOct 14, 2018, 11:36:28 PM

Screwy, but simple. Clinging to monopoly, Facebook.com is banning and smearing its competition in possibly illegal ways. When moreover you try to post something from Minds.com on Facebook's profiles, comments or messages you get a SUPER SCARY MESSAGE telling you that Minds is insecure, will fry your computer and give your toaster cancer. That's total BS. Minds has never been hacked; Facebook gets hacked all the time. The Super Scary Message message though seems to loop so that you can never get your Minds post onto Facebook. That looping in itself is not a bug; that's deliberate.There is however a bug in the loop. Hah! You do not need to know how to code in order to endrun and/or exploit it:

1)  The SUPER SCARY MESSAGE sloooowly resolves to include an I Am Not A Robot checkbox. Wait for it. 

2) The first time,
click that I Am Not A Robot checkbox box. 

3) This will give you a Captcha. (You know the drill. Bikes. Crosswalks. Buses. Sometimes, there are lots of them.) Do the damned Captcha. 

4) Click Verify.

5) Click Submit.

6) The message will then seem to "loop": you will get the SCARY MESSAGE again. Do not bite. The second time, just ignore the message and hit Submit.

It posts. 

You're in.

7) Most of the time, that's all there is to it. 

Facebook though is now shadow-banning some Minds posts, "publishing" them so that only the poster can see them. In that case, you may think that you're in but no one but you can see the posts. When facing a far larger foe, shooting from behind trees is not only acceptable but kind of heroic.


a) Explain what shadow-banning is to your contacts. Ask them to give you some sign that they saw the post. That both gives you spotters and exposes the censorship, and/or

b) If you write a sentence at twitter length, Facebook increases the font size and lets you choose a colored background. Use this post-it note function of Facebook to denounce what's going on.

c) Revolts are starting among the techs and engineers in Facebook and Google. Encourage them. The first time that you get the SUPER SCARY MESSAGE with its slowly resolving I Am A Robot box, Facebook also gives you a chance to comment, to protest. Use that comment link to reach out to the Facebook techs, telling them, one human to another,  that Facebook is falsely accusing competing sites of being insecure and is shadowbanning its own users. 

Obviously, I have a hang-up when it comes to global corporate totalitarians misusing AI to tell us what we, the world of humans, may read, watch and say. A lot of us do. So if you have even better ways of fooling with Facebook censorship, whether low or high tech, please note in the comments below. Leaving Facebook is the wisest course, but so many friends and relatives are stuck back there. If you keep a hand in Facebook, don't put up with the garbage. Go git 'em!