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authorpendragonOct 2, 2018, 11:26:54 PM

Facebook is claiming falsely that any post from Minds,com is an "insecure connection", "against community standards" and a risk to your profile page. 


As Facebook's authoritarian control has grown, I have stayed there, constantly in the doghouse, posting on Facebook's and Google's betrayals of their users, and suggesting healthy alternatives. I'm therefore aware of Facebook's  patent, increasingly vicious fear of the growing decentralization social media, finances and power on the world wide web. There's a new dodge. Facebook is claiming  that Minds.com is "not a secure connection". 

Minds in fact places security first.  
We're a creatively contentious bunch on Minds, managing to complain about almost everything, but half the arguments by users with Minds right now are over its attempts to balance its proven commitments to privacy and freedom of speech against its primary dedication to securing the site. 

Yet my trying to post from Minds on Facebook is met by lots of "scary" Facebook messages about Minds being an "insecure connection", against community standards" a "risk" to my account. This is accompanied by a flood of Captchas that seemingly have no right answers. Persistence seemingly does not work because the same messages pop up. Actually persistence pays. I do post anyway, here's how. I therefore have photographic proof.

This is a canned message, obviously used frequently. Falsely portraying  secure Minds is a routinized aspect of Facebook's complex, monopolistic restraint of trade. 

Play with it.