A wannabe Australian filmmaker whose trying to justify getting a Diploma of Screen and Media. This channel is gonna be like my Facebook and Twitter page, full of crass dark humour and irrelevant absurdism, combined with my YouTube channel, full of videos critiquing games and movies with some random stuff strewn in between. Either way can't wait to hopefully improve my video production skills and succeed with other creative endeavors while on this site
Stirling Griff is not smart He thinks Goblin Slayer is used by pedophiles to groom kids. A cartoon about a dark fantasy where a man is on a genocidal campaign to murder goblins, monsters that go around pillaging, raping women and mercilessly murder people indiscriminately Be smart. Don't be like Stirling Griff
Been really gettin in to an RPG I grabbed on GoG for cheap How many games can you name that open up with the protagonist saving a teenage boy from getting raped in a prison shower by an obese man? Only one Mars War Logs
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