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The Game of Darts and Bocce Balls

atoybuyingtipsSep 13, 2018, 11:09:02 PM

Darts is a sport where darts are thrown into a dartboard. Darts are small missiles or arrows. A dart board is a usually a circular board that is fixed on a wall. Darts is a game that has been played from back in the olden days from before the First World War begun. Darts was used in ancient history by the fighters back then and hence the games origin. The first dart boards were usually made of wood. The game was usually played in pubs. The wooden board had to be soaked in water overnight in order to mitigate the effects that the darts made on the wood. Then the darts were made with wood and they had steel tips.

In the modern day, dart is played by people from all walks of life all over the world and age is limitless for dart players since even little children play darts. There are various types of darts and dart boards.

Majorly there are Soft tip dart and steel tipped darts. Soft tipped darts have points that are made of plastic. These ones ensure safety when players are playing. They are majorly used with plastic dart boards. These boards have holes in them to accommodate the darts entry. These holes are specially engraved on the boards so as to ease the entry of the darts.

The steel tipped darts on the other hand, are darts that have points made with steel. These are used either on bristle or sisal dart boards. There are very many categories of darts when it comes to steel tipped darts. Some of them include show time darts, laser darts, shot darts, Dutchman darts, target, world steel, harrow steel and many others.

The bristle dart boards are made of compressed sisal fibres. These are really nice since when the darts are removed, the whole closes behind the dart. There are also electronic dart boards. When soft tipped darts are used on the electronic dart board, the game can be played by kids and families because it is safe enough.

Bocce Ball Set is a classic game which is perfect for family reunions and friends get together. Most families play it on the back yard. It involves two teams with eight big balls and one small ball. Each team plays with four balls. The game can also be played in a bocce courtyard.

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