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A Look Into Astrology

astrologyguideNov 29, 2019, 12:38:00 AM

Astrology is a discipline that is concerned with studying the universe in an attempt to explain occurrences and relationship to human beings. Since ancient times astrology has been used to predict the future by connecting people to destiny and trying to get better understanding. Bear in mind that astrology involves critically studying the planets, sun, moon and other celestial bodies and compare the date and time of a person's birth to find clues about their future. The zodiac sign is was used to get the calendars used today by dividing the time taken for a full year into twelve equal and distinct sections. All the twelve zodiac sign are named uniquely and all people born around the same time tend to show similar qualities and properties.

Astrologers developed the zodiac sign by observing the revolution of the element and planet, the sun and the moon in relation to the earth. Aries is the first zodiac sign and relates to people born between March 21 to April 19 who have special associations. Aries identifies itself to the fire element and as such its people are energetic and determined. The second zodiac is referred to as the Taurus and its people relate to the earth element making them problem-solvers. People who were born during Gemini period are usually friendly and open-minded and do not judge others unnecessarily. Cancer is the firth zodiac sign whose people are emotional, secretive and avoids making their lives known to the public.

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and the people born around this period are strong, energetic and generally leaders. The Virgos are obedient, follows the law, conservative and appreciates things just as they are and do not prefer to bring changes. Libra is the seventh zodiac sign and the people in the group are social and very friendly although can not be trusted. Scorpio's members are free thinkers, stubborn but also loyal to their friends and share the water element. Sagittarius sign is connected to the fire element which makes its people generous, idealistic and has a sense if humor.

Capricorn's are strong-willed and makes sure to do all they can to succeed or accomplish the things they decide on undertaking. The people belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign are independent, free thinkers and also uncompromising. The Pisces is the last zodiac sign and its people share the water element making them friendly but without consistency. Each zodiac sign is associated to one of the four elements that include the air, water, fire and the earth element. There are also twelve astrology houses showing the connection between all celestial bodies and created based on time and space factors. Planetary dignities aim at giving better insight to individual properties of each of the different known planets. Open this link for more info: https://www.encyclopedia.com/philosophy-and-religion/other-religious-beliefs-and-general-terms/miscellaneous-religion/astrology.