Constitutionalist, human, meme farmer, OG Kekistani, twisted art and humor, and more to be revealed. This channel explores the far reaches of thought, freedom of speech and humor. Everything is funny. If I don't like or agree with something, I might post it to get other opinions. Minds is the only place I call home in "Social Media", and the Minds creators have been tolerant of me since the beginning, being the only place to think, speak, explore freely. I can never get messenger to work. Go figure.

"Wherever you know of harm, regard that harm as your own; and give your foes no peace." ~ Óðínn, Havamal

An Sionnach Fionn – Irish republican commentary from Ireland on national and international politics, history and culture. Where Fenian mixes with Geek

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Apr 2017
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