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Guide to Avoid PMS Bloating and Mood Swings

Aroma MagicOct 30, 2019, 9:28:47 AM

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period. Symptoms often vary between women and resolve around the start of bleeding. The common symptoms include food craving, acne, bloating, mood swings, tender breasts, cramps and tiredness. There are many lifestyle changes that a woman can make that may help reduce water retention. These are few of the changes that may help relieve the symptoms of periods bloating and mood swings.

1. Avoid Salty Foods - Sodium in salt can increase the water retention in the body. Avoiding salty foods can decrease the water retention and thus reduce periods bloating. Many processed foods contain excess salts, thus it is advised to eat homemade food.

2. Eat potassium rich foods - Potassium decreases sodium levels and increases urine production. Thus, potassium helps in reducing water retention and preventing periods bloating. Potassium rich foods that may reduce period bloating include dark leafy greens, sweet potato, banana, tomatoes and avocadoes.

3. Drink a lot of water - It is always important to drink more and more water. Many people might think that drinking more water can improve water retention and thus improve bloating. But water keeps you hydrated and which further improves the way a person feels.

4. Use Curative Oil - The curative oils have the ability to improve moods, balance emotions and enhance the spirit. Aroma Magic Help Me! I have PMS Curative Oil helps in balancing the hormonal fluctuations and irritability. It also helps in relieving anxiety and discomfort while relaxing you mentally and physically.

5. Exercise regularly - Brisk walking, running, biking, and swimming are all good choices which help in keeping the body active and reducing water retention. Exercising helps in improving your mood by boosting important brain chemicals called endorphins. Increased endorphins also reduce the amount of pain you face during PMS.

6. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates - Refined carbohydrates such as white flour and processed sugar increase the amount of insulin in the blood, which causes the kidney to retain more sodium. Increased sodium levels lead to more water retention. It is one of the best ways to reduce periods bloating and water retention.

7. Increase Calcium and Vitamin D Consumption - Women with high intakes of calcium and vitamin D are less likely to develop PMS. You should consume at least three servings in a day that are rich in calcium and vitamin D, foods such as low fat milk, yogurt, cheese, fortified orange juice or soy milk. Calcium works in the brain to relieve anxiety and vitamin D influences emotional changes.

8. Avoid sugar - Women are likely to crave more for sugar during PMS. They are likely to consume 300-500 more calories. It is advised to avoid sugar and consume more of whole grains. The body requires more of sugar due to shifting levels of hormone estrogen and progesterone which further decreases the level of serotonin in the brains.