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Dominique Fradin-Read, M.D., M.P.H., is board-certified in preventative and anti-aging medicine. After receiving her medical degree from Université Libre de Bruxelles she completed various fellowships in Europe and moved to the US in 1999. Read completed an internship in internal medicine through UC San Francisco and a residency in preventative medicine at Loma Linda University, where she also earned her master of public health degree. She previously worked closely as a physician with dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad at his medical group. She opened her own practice, Vita Life MD, in Los Angeles, specializing in wellness and preventative anti-aging programs.

Liberty Memes
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To believe is to not know. To believe is to pretend to know. When children pretend we call it play. When adults pretend we call it government and religion. It is a weak mind that accepts the word of another as law over them. It is a weak and dangerous mind that accepts the word of another as law over them, then applies that law to all others. And yet, is not all government, all religion, based on exactly this?

Aug 2018
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