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Freedom for all the things!!#AntiWar! Support The Innocence Project #FreeRoss! Government is violence. MeWe: http://mewe.com/i/judetrahan Flote:JudeTrahan

London based photographer. Free speech Anarchist

Christian SAHM and wife. Gardening anarchist that aspires to be a farmer. I am in recovery - sober since May 2016. Hubs: @therealrustyshackleford

Católico, Paleolibertarian, the Pengy from Twitter

Read out loud "Alexa open porn-hub" Pronouns - Lets have sex/please fuck me I identify as spaghetti with an above average dick. Age - above 0 less than 100

a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous. low mileage, garage-kept renegade maverick. Do no harm but take no shit. Well, take some shit, I guess: 2021’s gonna be handing out a lot of it, evidently

That bitch from bird app. Anthropomorphic cake. NAP Queen. Taxation is theft. Certified Russian Bot™. Israeli ✡️. Pro-life. Pro-liberty. Wifey. Like ≠ endorsement. Pronouns: No/u.

Well I'm back on Minds for the third time. This time as a voluntarist and with a whole lot less shrift for collectivism. Only voluntary human interactions have any real moral validity.

Everyone's favorite agorist waifu. Jorts, cocktails, voice over, bunnies, crafts, and absolute anarchy.

Literally only here bc I'm allowed to say retarded.

Charles Town
Jan 2021
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