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All You Need to Know When Communicating with a Convict

apenpaloptionsJul 15, 2018, 10:46:01 PM

There are millions of women and men who are in prisons all over the world for crimes that they committed. Some of the common mistakes they did include stealing, murder, and other mistakes. All the convicts in prisons have a past, and they are related to different people despite them being isolated from their families. Prisoners are human and they will need anything that a normal person has. Friendships are important and that is why prisoners have the chance of interacting with those people who are outside, and as an outsider you need to be aware of some things. The crucial data provided here will assist you to think of those things that will help in the communication.

As part of the communication process, you will not use email because prisoners are not allowed to use computers nor do they have access to them. The regular mail system is the one which is appropriate for sending pen pal letters to inmates. As a friend of an inmate who has not provided their listing, their letters will not be received because they are not recognized. Inmates may ask for money from you and in some instances, that money may be used for buying certain necessities. Some of these necessities include pencils, stamps, candy, and underwear. However, you should not be forced to send money and end up using all your savings. The reason why you should not use your savings is because they might not be truthful with the information that they provide.

Verification of information from your convict pen pal might not be truthful, and that is the reason you need to be careful. For regular relationships, a person can state that they love you while it is not the truth and that is the same thing with interaction with a prisoner. You should not make the mistake of giving out information especially that which is touching on you like social security number. If you are sending out a letter to your inmate pen pal, you need to keep the letter short and convey the information that you need. While sending the letter, make sure that you communicate who you are and what your likes are.

Because you have not met with your contact a prisoner pen pal, you need to include your weight, age, height, eye color, hair color, glasses and race as part of your description. Apart from deciding to describe yourself, you can make the process easier for your inmate by sending your letter together with a photograph of yourself.

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