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TABLE OF CONTENTS // posts by category // .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. MODUS OPERANDI is meant to be a dynamic Book— id est, a nascent written work that grows like a living thing, evolving in synchrony with the personal development of its Author. Words may be modified. Philosophies may be restructured. Nonsensicalities may shift in and out of clarity. The title itself may prove amenable to change. The intent lies in creative motion, following after the manner of artisans in their strive towards an ever more refined caliber of craftsmanship. Here being: the intentional articulation of thought. Ombre in a collection of hues: FIRE [Financial Independence Retire Early]. Minimalism. Lifestyle Design. Imagination. Artful language. Books. Zuihitsu. Food. To the Reader who peruses these pages, may you feel inspiration, or perplexity... Discordance? Fury! Whatever shade of emotion...may you feel, and may it stir deep within an agitation for life and a desire to live it in its finest form. The following exchange is taken from the novel The Wise Man’s Fear, written by Patrick Rothfuss: “Tak reflects the subtle turning of the world. It is a mirror we hold to life. No one wins a dance boy. The point of dancing is the motion that a body makes. A well-played game of tak reveals the moving of a mind. There is a beauty to these things for those with eyes to see it.” He gestured at the brief and brutal lay of stones between us. “Look at that. Why would I ever want to win a game such as this?” I looked down at the board. “The point isn’t to win?” I asked. “The point,” Bredon said grandly, “is to play a beautiful game.” .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. banner image:

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Welcome to my page! Enjoy a review series I put out called Way Too Late Reviews. There's plenty to fish through already and I'm working on more all the time. Like, comment, vote, and share and above all, enjoy the reviews. For a complete look at the WTLR catalog, go to

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