The American Monarchist Society


The mission of the American Monarchist Society is to establish an active advocacy for traditionalist monarchist politics in the United States, with the terminus of establishing a monarchy to replace the current democratic republic. It is evident that the terminus is unachievable due to certain current issues in the United States. Consequently, advocacy for monarchy virtually contains the completion of steps which precede the installation of a sovereign. Each step’s success is conditional to the success of the next, so they must be completed in order and with complete focus. They are: 1) The restoration of natural virtue’s due recognition and practice, both in private and public life. 2) The re-stratification of the social order; that the discipline of expertise never again be cheapened into a false honor, and that the due obedience to experts be reinforced. 3) The reintroduction of social stratification into public life as legal hierarchy. 4) Codification of hierarchical offices into the recreation of a dedicated nobility. 5) The peaceable introduction of a new constitutional convention to proclaim a most virtuous sovereign. These five steps can each be summed up by the essence of their respective objects: virtue, order, hierarchy, nobility, and proclamation.
Looks like another monarchist LARPer has left stomping his feet. Just like a black homosexual before him, this weeb / Instaqueen accused one of our staff of drama while creating it, using screenshots on his Instagram ( to slam the movement because he didn't get his way. Petulant or effeminate? Either way, he couldn't stand up to the scrutiny of his own belief system. We thought you all would like to know in order to avoid unnecessary scandal. Fortunately, it wasn't us that stooped to low blows like this. But a word to the wise: he's just out to cause trouble. And yes, we stand guilty of calling him melodramatic.
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